Self Googles “Tel Aviv Writer”

Why? Because self is shortly to be in Tel Aviv. And self must admit that there are times when she is very very nervous, and other times when she is very very happy because she will soon be seeing beloved sister-in-law Ying again. The nervousness must come from brother telling her about all those shootings in Jerusalem, and all those images which spring unbidden into self’s mind — of the carnage caused by roadside IEDs (In Iraq, not in Israel, though. Self, are you perhaps, as some readers claim, retarded?)

But, anyhoo, self is filling her suitcase with good things for Ying to eat (hope they don’t get confiscated at the airport), things like Indian rice cakes and curry mixes (Beloved sister-in-law is half-Indian). Self sent over a huge bundle of food last month, but — alas! — they were all confiscated by Isreaeli customs. Self must admit that the package looked oddly lumpy (She’s a terrible packer)

Today, self tried for the umpteenth time to do a google search for “Tel Aviv writer,” a search she tries every couple of days. Once, she tried “Tel Aviv Bookstores” and –um, she must have mis-spoke the first time, because today she tries it again and now pops up a most delectable list of bookshops with names like Bibliophile (Allenby Street), Books at Basel (Basel Street), Book Junky (Dizengoff Street), and Emily (Ben Gurion Boulevard). Oooh, self will have fun google-mapping these!

Yesterday, self tried googling “Tel Aviv history” and came up with a book by a Barbara Mann, published by Stanford University Press, a book she promptly ordered (Good reading for the plane!).

Today, when self googled “Tel Aviv writer”, she came up with — yowza! A blogger named Lisa Goldman! With a blog that talks about some gorgeous hunky hunk winning an Israeli acting prize!

Self can hardly contain her excitement because, well, she can hardly wait to make contact with Tel Aviv blogger Lisa. Or, even if she never does make contact, simply to read this woman’s blog (she doesn’t blog every day, but the images of this specific hunky hunk are quite plentiful) is to feel as if one is already transported to the streets of that far-away city.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Self’s Activities Today (The Sixth Most Gorgeous–?)

Self today engaged in the following activities:

Sniffed around friend Sandy’s garden. Sandy is building a shed. With purple walls. Self asked what that tree was growing next to the shed. Sandy said it wasn’t really a tree, it was more like a bush that “got big.” It’s an Angel’s Trumpet, Sandy said. “And later, you’ll see, it has the most gorgeous yellow flowers.”

“Yellow!” Self said. “I used to plant a lot of yellow flowers in my garden. Then I realized I hate yellow.”

After lunch with Sandy at Mike’s (which used to be Late for the Train, for those of you old enough to remember MP in the olden days), self dropped by Roger Reynolds and bought two ranunculus “Bloomingdale’s” (because she got a big kick out of the fact that the flowers were named after a department store — or are they really?) Self got home, looked up Ranunculus “Bloomingdale” in the Sunset Western Garden Book, and found that these are “dwarf” specimens, best for borders. Also, ranunculus are tubers. So perhaps self better not put them in a pot, as she was planning to do.

Self received e-mail from her brother: He’s in Manila now, but he’s collecting stuff that he and self will need for the apartment, when he returns to Tel Aviv next week. Things such as, adapters, since Tel Aviv has 220 volts, and three-prong sockets. Also, he’s found a priest who is willing to serve as our guide for our one-day trip to Jerusalem. Self e-mails: Can we split on a car? Brother replies that we are to take the public bus (Eeeek, suddenly self has the most awful visions of — of — never mind). Also, he asks self to order a new charger for Ying’s iBook, which is a good sign because it means that Ying is interested in e-mailing again.

Self is starting to grade yet another humongous batch of papers.

Self called hubby to inform him that she is making something called “Turkish Chicken Thighs” for dinner.

Self is watching her latest Netflix movie: “The Jane Austen Book Club.” It’s not at all like the book — or, what self really means is, none of the characters in the movie look like the characters in the book. For instance, the Prudie in the movie is played by Emily Blunt, who’s much too young and much too pretty to be really Prudie, and Jocelyn, the organizer of the book club, is played by Maria Bello, who looks nowhere near old enough to be playing a woman in her 40s (even though she may actually be in her 40s, who knows), and the guy who plays the lone male member of the book club is too cute, and so forth and so on. Jimmy Smits is fat in this movie. That’s too depressing for words.

Hmmm, let’s see, what else? What else? Almost 12 hours have gone by since self first opened her eyes this morning. Are the above really the only activities she has engaged in today? She hasn’t even managed to crack open a book. And her horoscope says:

Something piques your interest midday and requires a big decision — do you want to take that risk and see what happens, or do you want to withdraw to your shell?

Drat! What could that interesting thing be? At mid-day self was having lunch with Sandy. Sandy told self that she was going to Japan in September, to attend the wedding of her exchange student, Yuko. She’d be traveling to Osaka, Kyoto, and Naga. And self found herself becoming exceedingly jealous. Was this the “interesting-thing-that-is-supposed-to-happen-at-midday?”

Or could it be the time that self was walking down Sandy’s driveway, back to her car, and she spied a little ceramic gnome off to one side, and Sandy told her that it was a “traveling gnome,” no one knew who owned it, but it kept popping up in different yards around the neighborhood? Could that be the interesting-thing-that-is-supposed-to-happen?

And now it is 5:30, and obviously it is no longer mid-day, so whatever interesting thing should have happened has happened, there will be no more. Now, self will finish her movie and cook dinner. She will finish grading papers. She will wait for hubby to come home. She will feed the dogs. She will maybe spend a little time in the garden (just a little, for it is chilly today). She might send a few more e-mails. She’ll go to bed. The day will be over. Tomorrow, she teaches again.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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