Wednesday Evening, Redwood City

Here’s an image: the beagles are snoozing, each on their own blue pillows. Gracie killed a bird today or yesterday. Self was digging up weeds next to the daffodils when something made her look right. There, inches from her hand, was a mess of feathers, and also a little beak. And that was all that was left of what must surely have been a bird. A full-grown one, from the size of a wing that self now sees lying a little distance away. And, now that self thinks about it, Gracie did seem uncommonly excited yesterday afternoon. She kept running into the kitchen, where self was making something, and running back out agin. Self thought of following her but forgot.

For hours, self has been sitting in front of her laptop. It was late afternoon when she first sat down, and now it is full dark. The TV’s been on the Home Shopping Network all afternoon. There was a middle-aged woman selling clothes who self found very informative. For instance, self learned that the piece of flesh that folds over the top of your jeans when you sit down can be referred to as a “muffin.” Or, a “muffin belly.” And, if you bought those jeans self saw on the Home Shopping Network, you would never have to worry about muffin bellies again, because the jeans have a little expanding panel in the front, to accommodate all sizes of pouches of excess flesh. Brilliant!

Self made a lame attempt to write about coconuts for the Lasang Pinoy Food Blogging event (only two more days left to join!), but all she could think of was coconut ice cream. Last summer, for some reason, self found herself going absolutely ga-ga over coconut ice cream. All of June, July, and August, self went around sampling different brands. Determined to conduct the search in a scientific manner, self tried ice cream from Safeway, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods before finally deciding that the one from Trader Joe’s tasted most like the coconut sorbet of her childhood (Arce’s Buko Sorbet). Self thinks she’d better stay away from the coconut ice cream this summer. She would dread getting those muffin bellies.

Self read another fantastically gripping story by Princess Perry.

Just before it got really dark, self went outside to have another look at the remains of the bird. And there was a whole cloud of insects (not flies, not mosquitoes, not wasps) swarming around the plants. They were white? And small? But didn’t bite? She has no idea what they were. Gnats?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


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