Interesting Facts (Gleaned from February 12 Issue of San Francisco Chronicle)

Self did not sleep a wink last night, dear blog readers. Not one wink. Yet, such is her perseverance that she is here, at 8:40 a.m., ready and able to blog. Would you not say she is tops in category of writers-who-can-still-function-after-zero-hours of sleep?

Self remembers reading somewhere that scientists have discovered that there is a link between the number of hours one sleeps and longevity: that is, those who sleep at least seven or eight hours a night are more likely to live longer.

Which, judging from last night’s insomnia, means that self does not have long for this world, dear blog readers.

Okey dokey! This morning, despite being extremely bleary-eyed and feeling extremely lousy (and self still has to drive to the City tonight to appear before a class at San Francisco State!), self is reading the San Francisco Chronicle of almost a week ago and has discovered the following highly interesting pieces of information:

    Seven people were killed in Oakland over the weekend.
    The Native American language Eyak will soon witness the passing of its last native speaker, which prompts Santa Clara professor Jeff Zorn to write, in a letter to the editor: “We all have better things to worry about.”
    There are “about 110,000 Vietnamese Americans living in Santa Clara County alone.”
    Feb. 12 was the 199th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth.
    Susan Jacoby, in the Opinion page, maintains that “fewer than half of Americans accept the scientific validity of any form of evolution,” a fact which rather startled self (!!!) and which, Jacoby maintains (and self agrees) is “completely at odds with America’s image of itself as a world leader in education, science and technology.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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