Self doesn’t know yet.

For one thing, hubby surprised self by saying: “It’s our wedding anniversary. Let’s have dinner someplace.”

Which, ah, let me tell you, is something on the scale of momentousness of Obama winning California (Did he?)

So self reluctantly (or perhaps this is a lie: perhaps she did it with alacrity) gave up her place in front of the TV set where she’d been watching return results posted from such far-away places as: Alabama. Georgia. Utah.

And we had Greek food in San Carlos. And were the only ones in the restaurant. The manager shrugged: Everyone’s watching the primaries, he opined.

And in the hour we were there, three different women came in for take-out, and each one had to field the same question from the manager: Any news about who is winning California?

And self thinks it is really extraordinary, the amount of interest and excitement this election is generating. And she sincerely hopes it will lead to something good.

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2 responses to “Who Won?”

  1. Thank you, Kathleen! Well, we had a very very good dinner. I almost blogged about it. We ate at our favorite Greek restaurant, Santorini in San Carlos. The place was completely empty except for us, so the manager sat and chatted with us about the elections! We had free wine and baklava. AND, I had a penne with meat sauce (the meat was ground lamb) that was DI-VINE. Hubby had lamb loin, and they really piled up his plate — again, could have been because we were the only customers.

    If you ever visit me here, I promise to take you there!


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