Late Sunday Night, 3rd of February

Very late last night, past midnight, hubby finally figured out how to get his new webcam to work. It took hours: the setting up of the Yahoo account, the logging on to instant messaging, the calls back and forth to son.

Finally, a small window appeared on the screen of hubby’s laptop. The window was a black square and suddenly there was a flicker and we saw son. He’d had a haircut (bowl cut, atrocious). He was in a white room (Where? Self kept asking hubby to ask son where he was? But hubby shushed her.)

We could see ourselves, too. “I look old,” hubby said. “No, you don’t,” self said (a lie). Self tried waving. In the window on hubby’s laptop, her arms stayed down at her sides. So first she tried a right-hand wave. Nothing. Then a left-hand wave. Finally, in stuttering jerks, she saw on the little window her right arm go up, then her left arm. It was strange, as if everything was on stop-motion, like Max Headroom.

Son was speaking, but we couldn’t hear a thing. Finally, he IM’d hubby: Use the earphones. Hubby attached the earphones. Still nothing. We had to call son on the regular phone in order to hear him. “Well, we finally have video, at least,” self said, happy.

“You are supposed to be able to hear what the other person is saying without using the phone,” hubby said. “Or what’s the point?”

Self thought this made a lot of sense.

Anyhoo, it was past 1 when self went to bed. Son finally had to call it quits and tell his dad that he was tired, he needed to go to bed (But in whose room are you, son?)

There was no one else in the room (it seemed), or perhaps that person was hiding.

It was a white room, with no windows (a basement?). There were no paintings or posters on any of the walls.

The mystery deepens. Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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