Northern California Storm Watch & A Book Launch

San Anselmo is flooding.

Drivers on 101 are being turned back from Sonoma and Napa County boundaries.

This morning, self (heroic) drove through pounding rain to teach her class at xxxx community college. Students begged to be let off early (for the third class in a row; naturally, self complied — ha ha ha ha!) Self still susceptible to explosive coughing fits, thank goodness none occurred while she was talking to students. Heater in self’s car apparently not working, all that comes out of air vents is freezing cold air. Self gets home, collapses on couch, falls asleep, and when she next opens her eyes, it’s pitch black outside.

Did self hear right? Federer was defeated in the Australian Open by someone whose name she didn’t quite catch.

House tonight was interesting, self has to sign a “literary submission agreement” for Hyphen, for two pieces that were published years ago.

Let’s see, what else?

Self called Manila and found that her brother and Ying had finally managed to leave — last night. They’re now in Bangkok. Tomorrow, they’ll be in Tel Aviv.

Self began writing a new story — strange, very detached voice; male point of view.

Oh, and she can’t attend the launch for Field of Mirrors, the new PAWAINC anthology, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 16, 6 PM in The Bayanihan Community Center (6th and Mission) in San Francisco. She and hubby are having dinner that night with hubby’s aunt, who’s stopping over briefly in San Francisco. But here are the list of writers represented in the anthology:

Alabado, Ceres S.C. * Amoroto, Patricia Isabel * Almiron, Jennifer * Barot, Rick * Bautista, James M. Constantino * Buell, Evangeline Canonizado * Cabalquinto, Luis * Carbó, Nick * Catenza, JP * Crescini, Maria Teresa Mendiola * De Jesus, Janice * de la Cruz, Rey E. * Dimapilis, Shirley B. * Dizon, Helen * Epistola, Ernesto V. * Escobar, Rey * Flor, Robert Francis * Flores, Penélope V. * Francia, Luis H. * Gaborro, Allen * Gamalinda, Eric * Gambito, Sarah * Gendrano, Victor P. * Gilles, Almira Astudillo * Grefalda, Remé A. * Gutierrez, Michele * Igloria, Luisa A. * Jacinto, Jaime * Javier, Paolo * Joaquin, Antonio K. * Jocson, Korina M. * Kenyon, Vanessa Verdadero * Layug, Susan T. * Lim, Lewanda * Llagas, Karen * Lozada, Edwin A. * Macagba, Jennifer Mangantulao * Mayuga, Enriqueta Cartagena * Medalle, Melanie * Mendoza, Lora * Monce, Cora * Muñoz, J. Mark * Paman, Alex G. * Peñaranda, Oscar * Peñaranda, Rhodora V. * Peñones, H. Francisco V. * Pimentel, Benjamin * Pineda, Jon * Pizo, Elmer Omar * Edgar, Poma * Querrer, Cristina * Ramilo, Charity * Reyes, Barbara Jane * Roble, Maureen * Robles, Al * Robles, Tony * Romasanta, Gayle * Romero, Marie I. * Rosal, Patrick * Salgado, Anthem * Seneriches, Juliana * Stickmon, Janet C. Mendoza * Syquia, Luis Malay * Strobel, Leny Mendoza * Tabios, Eileen R. * Udo, Annabelle A. * Vajrabukka, Alberto * Valmidiano, Elsa * Vengua, Jean * Villanueva, Marianne

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2 responses to “Northern California Storm Watch & A Book Launch”

  1. Hi: re: Field of Mirrors anthology: It’s Rhodora Penaranda; not Penones.I’d appreciate the correction. Thanks!


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