Several Things Self Has Learned After Watching “P.S. I Love You”

The ice cream freezer in the Century Park 12 on E. Bayshore in Redwood City is non-functional.

Self loves it when she can smell hot buttered popcorn in a movie lobby.

In spite of the fact that this movie earned only a C- rating on the Yahoo Movies site, self finds she is a sucker for movies like P.S. I Love You

Self’s tear ducts are amazingly active: They started up of their own accord just five minutes into the movie and kept going intermittently thereafter.

Gerard Butler has amazing teeth. (In addition to having an amazing bod)

Hilary Swank, too, has amazing teeth. (Mental note: self definitely needs to go in for the teeth whitening procedure, pronto)

Irish men all have amazing bods.

Irish men all wear funky bracelets which, instead of making them look artsy and fey, end up making them look artsy and really masculine.

Irish men look good with tattoos.

Irish men have — (That’s enough, self! Looks like you’re getting carried away with the Irish men bit, and anyhoo Gerard is not Irish, he is Scottish, and the two accents are not— contrary to what movie makers might think — interchangeable)

The tunnel that Hilary and her movie mom Kathy Bates walk through, in Central Park, is exactly the same tunnel where Jodie Foster and her boyfriend played by Naveen Andrews were beaten to a pulp by punks in The Brave One (which, self has just realized, was an awful movie. Awful. Sorry, Jodie, but self cannot tell a lie)

The funniest lines in P. S. I Love You went to Lisa Kudrow. Man, that woman is a scream! The only times self was not crying were the times when she was rolling on the floor after hearing another one of Lisa’s expertly timed zingers.

Gina Gershon (who self has not seen in ages and ages, maybe not since Bound) has gained weight, but still looks very nice.

Harry Connick, Jr. has a very big nose. Not only is it big, it is quite beak-ish.

Harry Connick, Jr. plays the role of a geek surprisingly well.

Now self is home, watching something called Jericho, and there are various people blowing up a train, led by a hunk who looks vaguely like Johnny Depp but turns out to be Skeet Ulrich.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Several Things Self Has Learned After Watching “P.S. I Love You”

  1. Hi, Thanks for leaving a comment. Oh, yes, the very same bridge as in “Cloverfield,” too! A very famous Central Park landmark, I presume . . .

    Oh, and about that other site, I keep finding bits of my blog in other people’s sites, and I don’t know why people do that. Is it so they can lure people who google the words in my post into going on their site? Yes, my posts appear under other people’s names. It’s annoying, but I don’t really know how to stop it. Got any ideas ?


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