From an Anthology of Japanese Women Poets, Translated by Hiroaki Sato

A song expressing a woman’s longing for her dear husband, by The Kurumamochi Clan’s Daughter (Dates Unknown):

Because words from you, you of ruddy cheeks,
no messenger of beautiful catalpa brings to me,
I’ve brooded, have taken ill, all alone.
Do not blame it on a rock-smashing deity.
Do not bring a diviner to have a turtle burned.
Because of longing my body aches, yes.
Clearly it has pierced me through and through,
and my heart, among the innards, has shattered.
The end of my life is imminent.
And now, is it you, calling to me?
Or is it my dear mother, of sagging breasts,
at the crossroad of eighty, less than a hundred,
who is evening-divining, questioning a diviner,

    when I’m about to die?

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