Brrr, Brrr, Brrrrr . . .

It is cold this evening! Just before dinner, self and hubby made a dash to Safeway to pick up more Duraflame logs. Self suddenly remembered: It’s Spare the Air Week! “So what,” hubby said, “I’m freezing.”

For this Safeway run, self was dressed thus: in sweatshirt, sweatpants, coat, woolen muffler, furry socks, and sneakers.

Everyone else she saw in Safeway was in parka (a number with furry trim) and/ or Ugg boots. Self is contemplating getting herself a pair.

Today is also the first day of son’s vaunted cross-country trip. He and two other buddies from Cal Poly (including Nick the evangelist) plan to make it to New York City and back, by January 5.

Son left for Vacaville (where he is meeting up with the other two) at 9 AM this morning. At 5:30, self decided to give him a call.

“Where are you?” self asked.

“Far, far away,” son said.

“And where exactly is that?” self asked.

“Vacaville,” son replied.

Self practically shrieked, “Vacaville???”

“We’re just getting ready to leave,” son said. “It took a while for us to get our stuff sorted out.”

“So what’s your first stop?” self inquired.

“Oklahoma,” son said. “Ooops, gotta go.”

Self’s next call was to hubby. “They’re going to make their first stop Oklahoma,” she says.

“What?” hubby yells. “Do you know how far Oklahoma is?”

Well, self has to admit that she only has the vaguest idea of where Oklahoma is (which of course did not impede her at all from attempting to write a novel last year that was set in Oklahoma . . . ).

“It is 1500 miles away,” hubby says.

“Ohhh,” self says.

“I’ll bet you anything they won’t get farther than Las Vegas,” hubby says.

And, self thinks, that’s probably not a bad place to stop.

Let’s see, the ostensible purpose of this trip, according to son, was to make it to Times Square in time to watch the big ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Along the way, the boys plan to drop by Greensboro, North Carolina.

“What’s in North Carolina?” self asked.

“It’s the home of Orson Scott Card,” son replied.

Self is smart enough to know that Card is the author of Ender’s Game, one of son’s favorite books.

“Are you sure he lives in North Carolina? Better google him and see if you can find out where he lives,” self said to son a few days ago.

To his credit, son did not go, “Oh what do you know about it? You who never reads science fiction!” In fact he did go to his laptop, and he did google said author, and after a few minutes, sounding a bit non-plussed, he said: “He teaches in West Virginia.”

“Well,” self says, “He’s not going to be in North Carolina. He’s going to be in West Virginia, teaching. Unless he goes home for the holidays.”

But son is adamant about going to Card’s hometown in North Carolina. He and his friends are bringing all their Ender’s books, in case they are lucky enough to meet the author in person.

“Is New York City near Niagara Falls?” son asked.

“You are NOT going to make it to New York City and then go to Niagara Falls and be back in San Luis Obispo by January 5!” self yelled.

Son’s only response was to cast a look of extreme pity self’s way. As if self was too stupid to know that when three young college kids make up their minds to do something, they will do everything in their power, even if it means driving non-stop for four days, to achieve that goal.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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