Self Experiences Stillness

Last night we took son to see National Treasure in the old Century Park cinema on Bayshore. The theatre was packed, self had never seen so many people in a movie, not in a very very long time. We had popcorn, and self got an extra bag and divided up the popcorn (The popcorn at this theatre is the best of all the theatres in the Peninsula, self doesn’t know why. And they never scrimp on the butter). It is always fun to watch Nic Cage (who self is sure dyes his hair now), and of course Diane Kruger is there for male eye-candy. But Helen Mirren went along for the ride, playing Nic Cage’s mother (and self is always amazed at how this woman manages to exude sexuality, even with the facial wrinkles that she doesn’t bother covering up with Botox), and it was loads of fun (for the parents, that is; self saw a number of little kids, six or seven years old, sleeping).

So, with that ritual of our holiday over, son took off to see his old friend Kenny. He got back at midnight, just as self was finishing the last of his laundry. Then, he stayed up packing until 3 or 3:30, and self was up with him, helping him fold clothes.

Weather’s absolutely gorgeous today. Son is gone. Helping him load up his car, writing down reminders and phone numbers for him to call in case of emergency (during his cross-country drive), and letting him choose from self’s stash of maps, occupied most of the morning.

There’s a stillness in the house now, and though self had thought she would run errands today, perhaps she won’t.

Will self write a story?

Will she watch a movie?

Will she garden?

Will she walk the (snoozing) dogs?

Will she sweep/ dust/ mop?

Or will self simply continue reading The Economist, in which she read this morning that “Women have not escaped the kitchen; it has come after them”?

Son’s spring break plans are still inconclusive, but he said he probably wouldn’t be going home. Self said that he should just go and have fun. Niece G always goes somewhere for spring break: Belize, Bermuda. Self thinks it would be wonderful for son to do the same.

Self now peeks into his room and is surprised to see that he’s straightened up quite a bit: his desk and his bookshelves look neat and tidy. Someday she’ll have to decide what to do with the 60-inch K’Nex rolling ball factory that he built when he was 10, or with his soccer and karate trophies, or with the stuffed animals he won from Great America. She doesn’t have to decide right now, though.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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