Redwood City, California: Day Before Christmas, 2007

12:50 PM

On flat-screen HDTV: “The Bold and the Beautiful” — Party apparently in progress, entire cast is caroling “Joy to the World”. KPIX inserts public service announcement: Today is a Spare-the-Air Day. Don’t light a fire tonight.

Tree: lighted. A scatter of pine needles at base (must sweep later)

House: Dust on all surfaces — coffee table, side tables, bookshelves, etc. Must dust! Better still, must wait until self can buy Swiffer Cleaner from Costco so she will not simply be transferring dust from one place to another (Not until after Christmas, then)

Sink: still full of dirty dishes from this morning, my bad

Self’s state of mind: wonderfully energetic, bubbly. Accomplished call to Dearest Mum without getting depressed. Watched old movie, Love, Actually, in which Emma Thompson plays frumpy housewife to philandering hubby Alan Rickman (hard to believe, self knows)

Son: Home, cleaning up his room. He found $30 in an old Birthday card, doesn’t know who sent it to him. Self ready with aphorism: Don’t look a gift horse in the etc etc

Update on Ying: positive. Latest tests show her TB is no longer infectious. Has been allowed two visits with her children.

Accomplished many many errands this morning: bought bagels for tomorrow’s breakfast; bought a Yule Log from Chocolate Mousse on Laurel St. in San Carlos (Also threw in a Tiramisu cake, what the hell); bought funny musical Christmas cards from Donna’s Hallmark, perfect in which to tuck gift cards for hubby from Kepler’s and Peet’s (Self’s favorite was a card that said: WHY IS NOBODY FREAKED OUT BY A FAT, BALD GUY SNEAKING INTO THE HOUSE AT NIGHT? Open the card and Ray Charles is singing, “Is that you, Santa Claus, is that youuuuu?”); cashed check reimbursing self for travel expenses to LA last September (Self promised to cash it only when she was well and truly broke; now is definitely the time. While at bank, heard customer next to her telling a teller: “I can hardly wait for the holidays to be over.” Self heartily agrees). While driving hither and thither, sang along to newest CD: Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 (Remember Mais Que Nada? And their arrangements of Scarborough Fair and With a Little Help From My Friends? And Lani Hall singing Like a Lover?)

Returned home safely, without hitting anyone or being hit in turn. Told son he could invite someone for dinner tonight, it was on the tip of her tongue to say “your girlfriend” but at the last minute switched to “Aubert.” Son said (as expected), “That’s all right. He’ll probably be having Christmas dinner with his family.” Self says it’s too bad, because she got the biggest five-rib prime roast from Costco yesterday (Self isn’t kidding: this one cost almost $80). Son refuses to take the bait, darn!

Anyhoo, hubby had to work today, self sent him off with a packed lunch. Company-that-is-going-down-the-tubes apparently cannot do without his services, awarded him a certificate of appreciation (and a nice check) yesterday.

Let’s see, what else? Self is sure she is forgetting something!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life II: Reading THE ECONOMIST Classifieds

While son is off tonight with the Mystery Person, the girl to whom he presented his jello volcano last night, at 1 AM (Self knows it was 1 AM because she awoke at 12:46 AM and stumbled into son’s room just as he was getting dressed to go out. “What, she can’t eat jello at a more reasonable time?” self stammers. Son gives self a pitying look and does not deign to answer. Later, he slams through the front door at 3 AM. Self knows because it is so uncharacteristic of him to make that much noise. He was practically conducting a whole orchestra in the kitchen! This morning, when self looked at the kitchen sink, there was the tray on which the jello volcano had stood, only a few red blobs left, and three spoons. Three? Ah, sweet mystery of life!), self is keeping hubby company in the living room while he watches Ocean’s Eleven. There is a very nice fire going, and there is a very pungent smell of dog arising from our two little crits.

Self is still reading The Economist. This time, she’s almost done with the Classifieds. And because she always finds such interesting things in The Economist Classifieds, she thinks she will share a few of them here with dear blog readers:

Item # 1:

Immigrate to Canada? Abrams & Krochak, a respected Canadian Immigration Law firm can help.

Item # 2:

Climb Mt. Everest and the 7 Summits with the world’s leading mountain guiding company, Adventure Consultants. Training Programs Available.

Item # 3:

Republic of Albania Invitation for Expressions of Interest: With the objective of maintaining the high pace of growth in Albania’s trade volumes and GDP, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MPWT) of Albania has decided to outsource and upgrade through a Public-Private Partnership container terminal operations at the country’s largest port in Durres, introducing private sector participation to the port’s container terminal services two key objectives: to increase the flow of containerized goods into Albania, and to bolster the port’s competitiveness in the Adriatic region. The Government of Albania has mandated the International Finance Corporation (IFC), its lead advisor, to prepare and launch an international tender for the selection of a highly qualified container terminal operator to operate, invest in, and upgrade the container terminal under a long term concession contract.

Item # 4:

Waldhaus Sils Swiss Historic Hotels: Sils-Maria = 6 miles from the bustling St. Moritz: An unspoiled and peaceful alpine village amidst gleaming lakes + impressive mountains. And above it all this remarkable + historic hotel, family owned and managed ever since it opened in 1908. Grand, but friendly and relaxed; children very welcome! Great hiking, skiing and much else. Free pickup at St. Moritz train station.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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