Wow, Luisa!!!


Hear self scream when she saw the following copy of a letter fab poet Luisa Igloria sent to Cornelius Eady at Notre Dame (the one in South Bend, not the one in Belmont where self teaches). Self thought it was pretty funny, so here it is in its entirety:

16 December 2007

Dear Cornelius Eady,

It was raining all afternoon and pretty much all night yesterday in Norfolk — and so it was close to midnight when my husband went downstairs to take out the trash. When he went outside, that’s when he saw, stuck between the screen door and back door, the soggy DHL courier envelope (containing the letter announcing that you have decided to award this year’s Sandeen Prize in Poetry to my manuscript, Juan Luna’s Revolver).

As you can tell, the letter was damp but legible, and I’m writing to let you know how delighted I am that the University of Notre Dame Press will be publishing my book.

Thank you so much, and I look forward with great excitement to hearing more from you about contract and other details.

Warm wishes for the holiday season –

Luisa A. Igloria

The Holiday Season Thus Far

Yesterday was the day to watch the San Francisco Youth Orchestra’s performance of Peter and the Wolf, followed by dinner at Max’s Restaurant (in South San Francisco). Though eyes teared up occasionally at thoughts of Ying in hospital, self did manage to enjoy performance, and especially the sight of all the little children ooh-ing and aaah-ing at the music. Self even saw a little tyke dressed up like Mozart, in an outfit replete with curly white pompadour wig. Son was pretty poker-faced throughout. Yeah, self knows: she wishes this sudden access of generosity had overtaken hubby 15 years ago, but then we were poor, so poor we couldn’t afford much. Now we are less poor, and still can’t afford much, but let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Today, bright and early, self went to the Post Office bearing chocolate macaroons from Whole Foods for fave Filipina post office clerks. (Since self is at this particular post office almost every week throughout the year, she knows everything about the Filipinas who work there: how many children they have and their ages, where they go to school, when they return to the Philippines, etc etc). Then self made it to Kepler’s in Menlo Park to get a couple of gift certificates. Managed to avoid horrendous lines at both places, yay. Driving home, got to hear Queen La’s rendition of Phoebe Snow’s hit of many years back, “Poetry Man”. God, love that woman’s voice! Must grab that CD pronto.

Got home, both boys (son and friend Nick) were closeted in bedroom, so self managed to wrap up her present for hubby and then scarf down one more Food for the Gods from stash that Maitoni sent. Last night, self sent Ying e-mail that she could send a box of See’s chocolates when hubby goes home next month, for she knows that Ying loves chocolates! Sadly, Ying e-mails back that she can’t eat chocolates now, it’s on her list of no-nos from the doctor. So self, cracking her brains, decides she’ll get Ying a Chanel mascara, the type she loves, and some Mac lipstick, a really deep red shade. Because, even if Ying is stuck in the hospital, it will make her feel good. And self thinks she’ll e-mail Yoo-Hoo and see if he can’t get Ying something pretty to wear, something she can put on when she has visitors: a silk kimono, something like that.

And, let’s see, here are the movies self still wants to see, if she can come up for air (in between grading papers, cooking for son and guest, writing book review for SF Chronicle, etc etc etc):

The Mist
Starting Out Late in the Evening (Self has heard Frank Langella is absolutely yummy-licious as lead)
August Rush (because son saw it and said it was good)

Self was interested in watching I am Legend, but read an awful review of it from Scott Holleran on Box Office Mojo, boo. Hubby very much wants to see AVP-R, which opens here on Christmas Day, of all things.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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