2008 Mendocino Coast Writers Conference: First Look

When: late July – early August 2008

Where: the beautiful town of Mendocino, of course

Line-up of Presenters:

James D. Houston, Novel
Marianne Villaneuva, Short Fiction
Michael Datcher, Memoir
Jody Gehrman, Young Adult
Daphne Gottlieb, Poetry
Susan Wooldridge, Poetry
Suzanne Byerley, Beginning Writers
Jenoyne Adams, Agent, (also a fiction author)
Kate Gale, Editor, Red Hen Press
Linda Swanson-Davies , Glimmer Train Press

Conference website still under construction. Will post as soon as it becomes available. Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Happiness is: Incandescence

A second card from Father Bernad came today. Self is keeping it in abeyance, for when she gets really depressed. Self means the kind of depressed that not even three bottles of Widmer Hefeweizen can fix.

Today, driving home from her Writing Center stint, self loved looking at the Christmas decorations: the garish lighted candy canes, the giant plastic inflatable Santas, the grazing deer outlined in lights, the rows and rows of icicle lights. Neighbors on the corner of self’s street had the whole shebang: icicle lights, giant inflatable Santa, reindeer, colored balls hanging from bare branches of all the trees in their front yard.

Son drove up yesterday from San Luis Obispo. Why? Because he could tell his Mom was very very low. Self didn’t ask him to; he just came. To her dying day, self will always thank her lucky stars for such a son. He’s driving back tomorrow morning, because he planned a trip to LA with some buddies.

Today, self took son to Pho Dong, her newest favorite restaurant. And then we walked around downtown, and even though it was sunny, it was cold. We walked to the Century Park 20 on Theatre Way and checked which movies were showing, and self saw posters for a medieval epic featuring Jason Stathan and Leelee Sobieski and Ron Perlman. Oh boy, she can hardly wait to see it! Self saw The Mist was still showing and proposed watching it with son tonight. But son said he preferred to watch The Golden Compass (##@@) Good Lord, what has happened to son? His taste in movies used to hew pretty closely to self’s: That is, she could always inveigle him to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II (with Jessica Biel) or 28 Days Later. Now, since he’s started hanging out with Nick the Evangelist, he goes line dancing, attends Mass every Sunday, has sworn off all alcohol (even beers), and wants to watch The Golden Compass. Eeeeek!

Amazing: self’s had only one hour of sleep and she is still sitting upright on the couch. Hubby said his office was throwing a birthday party for someone and so he wouldn’t be having dinner at home. Self and son are watching one of his The Office DVDs. Self has suggested that we get take-out from Whole Foods. Or perhaps we could order a pizza from Nino’s in San Carlos. Self loves Nino’s pizza, the crust is amazing! So after some discussion, self and son agree on a large pizza with salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage and roasted garlic. To be delivered.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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