Brain Cloud, Thursday, 6 December 2007: Food for the Gods, More Christmas Cards, Santa Fe Taco Stew

Plans for Christmas continue apace, dear blog readers. A few days ago self was able to pull cousin in Virginia away from her daily routines — every time self called, the past week, cousin was outside raking leaves — to discuss an order of Food for the Gods. No one makes this like cuz. Self knows Food for the Gods is available in Filipino bakeries like Goldilocks, but cousin’s is so moist and chewy, so crammed with dates! Self keeps trying to get cuz to start a mail-order food business.

You could sell them on eBay! self helpfully suggests to cousin.

But cousin says it is too much trouble, she will mail self two dozen Food for the Gods tarts as a Christmas present.

No, self says, she doesn’t want them for herself; she intends to give them away as presents.

All right, give me the addresses and I’ll mail them there, cousin says. And I’ll also mail you a batch.

Self says this is too much of an imposition, she doesn’t want cousin to be so harrassed, especially as she’s getting ready to cart her entire brood to Manila for Christmas. But cousin says she’s already baking huge batches for the parents of her youngest son’s friends. So two more batches won’t be any trouble.

Then self suggests an exchange: she will buy a book off ex-Stanford classmate Phil Kafalas, who lives in Georgetown, and she will ask him to sign his book and mail it to cousin. Cousin says OK, as she’s very curious about Phil, because she really doesn’t know anyone who teaches, and moreover Phil is half-Filipino, and self thinks it’s pretty amazing that he went to Harvard and Stanford and now has written a book and has never even visited the Philippines.

Okey-dokey, that matter disposed of, self turns to the task of Christmas-card writing. Did self already tell dear blog readers that she sent 20 off on Monday? Well, here’s a couple more that she wrote this morning: to Ruthanne Lum McCunn; to Margarita Donnelly and Beverly McFarland at Calyx; to composer friend Drew in New York; to Virginia Cerenio; and to Dearest Mum’s best friend in Hillsborough.

Self’s already herself received two: one from dear mentor Father Miguel Bernad, and another from Sacred Heart (tucked discreetly into request for donations — ha ha ha ha!)

Self has very many plans for the day, which include:

    Buying the New York Times (Thursday edition always interesting)
    Buying cheap beer (perhaps Budweiser) in which to simmer a couple of sweet Italian sausages for dinner tonight.

For last night’s dinner, self cooked a roast chicken and chopped up some leftover pork loin roast and threw it into a pot together with tomatoes and pinto beans and chopped onions and chopped green chili and cilantro. She got the idea from Lawry’s Simple & Delicious: Meals in Minutes, which she saw advertised on the side of a giant plastic container of garlic salt at Safeway. It was free, so self wrote down the address and sent for it, and almost every recipe she has tried from the book — from Lemon Chicken Herb Stir-fry to last night’s Santa Fe Taco Stew — has been absolutely delicious.

Hmm, let’s see, what else? Self has the nagging feeling she is forgetting something. Hope she’ll remember whatever it is later.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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