Quotes of the Day: San Francisco Chronicle of Monday, 26 November

After a veritable 24-hour blizzard of grading student papers (with only one break of six hours — to sleep), self feels she is now ready for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Did self ever confide to dear blog readers that she finds this paper so highly entertaining? It’s certainly more entertaining than the San Jose Mercury News, which self used to read when she was a more serious person. Now that self is middle-aged, and likes to poke fun at everything, she confines herself to reading the Chronicle.

So, okey-dokey, first quote of the day happens to be about Texas: TEXANS WHO SHOT BURGLARS — NEXT DOOR — HOTLY DEBATED

Now, self doesn’t know about dear blog readers, but it certainly seems to self that there is something wrong, or even ungrammatical, about that sentence. Anyhoo, self proceeds to read accompanying article:

When he saw two men pry into his neighbor’s home with a crowbar this month, Joe Horn did what many people would do: He called 911.

But when police had not shown up by the time the suspects were about to leave, the 61-year-old retiree did something most probably would not: He put down the phone, stepped outside with his shotgun and killed them.

“I’m not going to let them get away with this,” Horn told the 911 dispatcher, who responded: “Property’s not worth killing someone over.”

Who was that voice of reason speaking from the depths of 911 dispatcher’s office in Pasadena, Texas? Self feels such ordinary citizens should be enshrined in our hearts, for they are the purveyors of much wisdom in these uncertain times.


First there’s the word “New” to describe the typhoon, which makes self think there must have been another one recently, one which she never heard about. Then, the fact that a typhoon can hit twice, which makes self think how seemingly cursed her country is, it seems to get all the double-whammies: typhoons that double back on themselves, cataclysmic volcanic explosions, lahar, mudslides. Thank God there have been no tidal waves yet, or at least none the size of the one that hit Thailand, Indonesia, the Maldives, etc etc three years ago.

Article begins:

Typhoon Mitag slammed into the northeastern Philippines after killing at least eight people in other parts of the country, while another deadly storm that struck days earlier was headed back, complicating emergency operations.

Mitag roared into the coastal town of Palanan in Isabela province late Sunday, its sustained wind weakening but remaining dangerous at 74 mph with gusts up to 93 mph, chief government forecaster Nathaniel Cruz said.

After hitting land, it veered toward the country’s mountainous northern provinces, where authorities evacuated thousands of people because of fears of landslides.

Self sincerely hopes that by now Mitag has blown itself out to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Third interesting headline (on p. A12) is: BLITZ OF GLASS BUILDINGS HITS SOUTH OF MARKET (There is also a very interesting “sub-headline”: Testing Tries to Ensure Glass Walls Don’t Shatter)

Yes, indeed-y, dear blog readers, it seems the San Francisco skyline is getting a new look, with the following buildings scheduled to be completed in the next few years:

The New InterContinental (32 stories) at Fifth and Howard
The New 555 Mission (33 stories)
The New Millenium Tower (60 stories), at 301 Mission
The New Infinity (35 stories) — apartment housing near the Embarcadero
The New One Rincon Hill (60 stories) — more apartment housing, with a companion tower of 48 stories to break ground shortly

And these are the great quotes the Chronicle pulled out to accompany the article:

To describe the new InterContinental: “A cross between a glacier and an old-fashioned apartment radiator, the curvy inn’s hue is so vivid that it’s being marketed as ’32 stories of cool blue luxury in the heart of San Francisco.’ ”

To describe the Millenium Tower: “not so much a glowing object as a chameleon — a 60-story shaft where the glass serves as a canvas behind thin steel fins that form a diagonal streak sliding up and around the tower’s four sides.”

Whew, that there’s some pretty fancy writing! Self hopes the buildings themselves live up to all the hype.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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