Post-Thanksgiving Sunday: Things Self Has Learned As Of This Morning, 8:06 AM

While reading The New York Times:

    “Brad Pitt dropped out of the political thriller State of Play at the 11th hour on Wednesday.”
    Director Ridley Scott’s next movie, again with Russell Crowe, is Nottingham, “a reimagining of the Robin Hood story from the sheriff’s point of view.”

While continuing to read J. M. Coetzee’s Youth:

    Joseph Brodsky, regarding whom self knows embarrassingly little, who she had hitherto imagined as a middle-aged New Yorker, turns out to be much older, a contemporary of J. M. Coetzee’s, born 1940.
    Brodsky was Russian and suffered for it.

Here is Coetzee on Brodsky:

Accused of being a social parasite, Joseph Brodsky has been sentenced to five years of hard labour in a camp on the Archangel peninsula in the frozen north. The sentence is still running. Even as he (Coetzee) sits in his warm room in London, sipping his coffee, nibbling his dessert of raisins and nuts, there is a man of his own age, a poet like himself, sawing logs all day, nursing frostbitten fingers, patching his boots with rags, living on fish heads and cabbage soup.

And, apropos of nothing, self was just browsing through one of her very old cookbooks, this one a Time-Life book on Classic Desserts (circa 1979!!##), when she stumbles on a recipe for “Pancakes with Cheese Filling.” Just beneath the heading she reads this:

This Russian recipe is taken from the best-selling cookbook of the Stalin era.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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