Post Post-Thanksgiving Report: The 21st Most Gorgeous Day in 2007 (A Very Long Story)

Dear blog readers, self is exhausted, absolutely exhausted. BUT, and in self’s life there is always a but — weather was gorgeous, forecast of rain seemed totally off, and early this morning self was able to plant five freesia bulbs in the backyard.

Oliver, hubby’s German intern, showed up at 10 AM on the dot. Hubby insisted on leading shy German on a tour of our entire house (which, as house is only 1,400 square feet, did not take long) and garden. Self peeked out at the two of them in the backyard, but view of German student was blocked by the garden shed. Not to worry, for when self eventually got to meet this mysterious personage, she immediately hit it off with him.

Following, a list of places where hubby ended up taking our visitor today:

Downtown Redwood City

    Gourmet Haus Staudt on Broadway, where we badgered Oliver to indicate which were his favorite German snack foods, and where hubby, guided by his expert advice, purchased: an 11-oz. tin of Bratheringe in wurziger marinade (Fried Herring in savoury marinade); a tin of Schumann’s Frisch-Pflaumenmus (self believes that translates to blueberry jam); and an enormous Dresdner Stollen (cake) studded with raisins
    Pho Dong, across the street from Gourmet Haus Staudt, where hubby and Oliver got bowls of Pho (B16: flank steak, tripe, beef shank with rice noodles; and B17: similar to B16, but with maybe one other cut of beef), and self ordered pan-fried noodles with broccoli, zucchini, and chicken.
    Bazaar Brazil, just up the street from Pho Dong, where self loves to browse (though she can’t afford to buy most of the items — the handmade bags are to die for, but cost almost $500 each!)

At which point, we returned to the car, and hubby began to pick up the pace because he realized he had forgotten to put money in the parking meter. And, of course, this being Redwood City, with the evil-est cops on the Peninsula, he did have one nestled against his windshield.

After that slight damper to the day, our next stop was Menlo Park.

Hubby decided to show Oliver Kepler’s. While hubby and Oliver browsed among the books, self headed straight to the letter “V”s in the Fiction section, and found there two copies of her Mayor of the Roses, including one that she had signed two years earlier (!@@##)

Self also found a book that she is going to send to her newest niece, seven-month-old Anita: Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book, by Rufus Butler Seder.

Self also bought a Saturday New York Times, and inquired of cashier who the events coordinator was, should she in the future want to give a reading there.

Next, hubby decided to bring our guest to Half Moon Bay.

On the way there, we got stuck in a very very long line of bumper-to-bumper traffic. And self started telling hubby that, since Oliver was with us, perhaps we could manage to get a tree from one of the Christmas tree farms we would pass along the way: after all, self surmised, Oliver could help hubby load the tree onto the roof of the car. But hubby nixed that idea. So, we passed all the tree farms and the trout farm and the farm where kiddies can ride on ponies and the stores selling monstrous wrought metal dinosaurs (triceratops, mastodons, tyrannosaurus, you name it) and Half Moon Bay Nursery and Pastorino’s, and saw a yellow caution sign warning motorists to watch out for mules. Eventually, we got to Main Street and found parking on a side street right in front of the cute Mill Rose Inn.

At an antique store only a few steps away from Mill Rose Inn, self found the cutest gray and white Eddie Bauer Fair Isle sweater, and tried it on, and it was a perfect fit. So self bought it and walked out of the store wearing it.

Then, in a store called Coastal Comforts, on Main Street, self found the cutest business card case, covered with leopard-spotted fur. Wow! She most definitely had to have that, especially as it was only $12.

And, then, yet a little further on, there was this amazing store called Half to Have It, that sold all kinds of thingamajigs, including orange and purple frog rings that lit up in technicolor lights when you pressed the frogs’ heads; and Life Magazine’s 60th anniversary issue; and mechanical toys including a walking Homer Simpson brandishing a beer. And at this very fab store self found the cutest Christmas tree ornaments, and bought four porcelain ornaments, all shaped like tea-pots ($3 each).

Then, on the way back to the car, we stopped at Half Moon Bay Inn so that hubby could watch the tail end of the Stanford- Notre Dame game, played at Stanford, and wonder of wonders Notre Dame won. There we three shared an enormous appetizer of fried calamari.

Last stop of the day was Moon News Books, where self learned from a typewritten list of the store’s best-sellers that store’s top seller was ex-classmate Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex. It even topped The Kite-Runner, which was second. Way to go, Jeffrey! Self then engaged the manager in conversation, revealed that she was a “local author,” put herself on the store mailing list, and pitched a reading (Ha ha ha ha!) Manager gave self the bookstore owner’s e-mail.

Anyhoo, it was quite a long and fulfilling day, and on the way home hubby narrowly avoided hitting a baby deer. He braked at the last moment and it was Oliver who stopped him. The deer was so agitated, self saw it topple into a ditch at the side of the road. But we did not hurt it, thank God.

Self of course had to share with Oliver stories of her wonderful time in Berlin, two years ago. Then, she invited Oliver to visit the Philippines “any time”, and Oliver reciprocated by inviting self and hubby to visit him in his home near Stuttgart. Now, Oliver and hubby are watching football in the living room, and self has to get cracking correcting papers.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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