Too Late For Halloween But Anyhoo . . .

Reading for the day is The New York Times, the 31 October 2007 edition (Wow, self is sure behind in her reading!). Page 1 of the Dining Out section has a survey of famous chefs, all of whom were asked: “What are you giving to Trick-Or-Treaters this year?” Self knows that Halloween passed two weeks ago, she’s not that lame. But she simply can’t resist sharing with loyal blog readers some of the delightful answers 🙂

Elissa Narrow of Chicago’s Custom House:

    “molded chocolates filled with orange Pop Rocks”

Nicole Kaplan of New York’s Del Posto:

    “Kit Kats are an everyday affair; why eat them on Halloween when you can have eyeballs that ooze cherry blood, or candy fingers and ears? I also love gummy pumpkins and vampire bats.”

Colin Alevras of New York’s Tasting Room:

    “Rice Krispie treats with brown butter and caramelized marshmallows”

Elizabeth Falkner of San Francisco’s Citizen Cake:


Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma:

    “I well remember my disgust when someone offered me a homemade brownie or, worst of all, an apple. Halloween is the high holy day of high fructose corn syrup.”

Another question asked was: “What fantasy treat would you like to make for trick-or-treaters?” Self thinks all of the answers are truly a-may-zing:

Anita Lo, chef of New York’s Annisa:

    “It would be a really fine dining malted milk ball with a liquid butterscotch center, and you would lose weight every time you ate one.”

(Hear, hear, Anita!)

Homaru Canto, chef of Chicago’s Moto:

    “A candy bar that changes flavor as you eat it, maybe in the Neapolitan ice cream flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.”

Will Goldfarb, chef of New York’s Picnick:

    “Violet-flavored cotton candy and milk methyl cellulose sheets”

Larry Burdick, chocolatier of New Hampshire’s L. A. Burdick:

    “I am already making chocolate ghosts, but next year I want to pack them into tiny wooden coffins.”

Spencer Budros, pastry chef of Columbus, Ohio’s Pistacia Vera:

    “I have always wanted to take the pumpkin seeds from the inside of the jack-o-lantern, roast them and salt them and turn them into the most wonderful brittle.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Self Doesn’t Know If She Likes the New NYTBR Format

First of all, the print is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny. As if NYTBR editors didn’t know that their demographic is somewhere upwards of 40, and over 50% of this same demographic must suffer from creeping near-sightedness, astigmatism, etc etc

Then, the titles are no longer at the top of the page. With the old design, you knew what book was being reviewed before you actually started reading the review.

Now, you get to read a paragraph or two of the review, then you come to a little box, or window, however you may wish to describe it, and in this little box/window is the book’s title, author, publisher, etc.

Also, it behooves self to explain that just because she is interested in reading a book after reading the review, it doesn’t always mean that the review was good. As, witness review of Alice Sebold’s latest, which was actually a negative review, but had the effect of making self want to read all of Alice Sebold’s books, if merely out of curiosity.

And there’s another review like that in this batch, as Walter Kirn doesn’t seem all that enamored of Paul Theroux’s latest (But, once again, I digress).

Without further ado, dear blog readers, here are the books self is interested in reading after perusing the 11 November issue of The New York Times Book Review :

(1) After reading Walter Kirn’s review of Paul Theroux’s latest, The Elephanta Suite, a collection of three novellas :

Paul Theroux’s The Elephanta Suite

(2) After reading Thomas Beller’s review of Rudolph Delson’s novel, Maynard & Jennica :

Rudolph Delson’s Maynard & Jennica

(3) After reading Matt Bai’s end-paper essay, See How They Ran, on “great American campaign books” :

Richard Ben Cramer’s 1000-page opus on the 1988 presidential campaign, What It Takes

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