Names for Filipino Characters

Self always has trouble naming her Filipino characters. So far this year, she’s used the following names for her women characters:


Oh, self, why are you so lame?

And here are the names she’s chosen for her men. As dear blog reader will quickly note, these show slightly more variety:


This evening, feeling quite impatient with her lack of imagination, self turns to one of the magazines she brought back with her after her last trip to Manila. Here’s a list of names self finds in it:

Women: Teofista/ Primitiva/ Aurelia/ Tasing/ Trina/ Milia/ Diding/ Angela/ Virgie/ Minay/ Cording/ Hermenegilda/ Iyay/ Feliza/ Linda/ Lisa/ Cristita

Men: Pedro/ Bonifacio/ Ramon/ Tiyong/ Berto/ Ned/ Soy/ Leon/ Oyo/ Filemon/ Daniel/ Fidel/ Andres/ Leoncio/ Jesus/ Victoriano/ Saturio/ Tropio/ Dadoy/ Victor/ Zosing/ Loloy

So, substituting one of the names above for what self originally had, here’s a passage from a story self has just begun writing:

The first color motion pictures in America were exhibited by George Eastman at Rochester, New York, a development that was to have a significant effect on Tropio’s emotional life.

Though he was born on an island far to the edge of things, all these events in the great nation to the West were to make itself felt in his little world.

Wow! Self likes it, she really likes it!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Thursday, Day After Halloween: Perusing the Fall Movies

It is exactly 5 PM, and self must prepare for a) dinner and b) tomorrow morning’s class at xxxx community college. In preparation for b), self looked over her attendance records and saw five people who are “borderline” in terms of tardies and absences. But before she gets down to the nasty business of e-mailing them, she’s perusing movies page of latest New Yorker, to see which movies she can see tomorrow (if there is time). And she has come up with six “possibles” (Ha ha ha, The New Yorker is sooo persuasive, as quite a few of the six were movies that seemed yawn-inducing when self first read about them).

Now, without further ado, here are the movies self is interested in watching after reading the capsule reviews in the November 5, 2007 issue of The New Yorker (And, apropos of nothing, on flat-screen HDTV Judge Judy is going into an absolutely delirious tirade over two lackadaisical girls who she says are “bullies”, “liars”, and have no idea how to dress properly for a courtroom appearance. You go, Judge Judy!):

Dan in Real Life:

    Reviews called this one “boring”, but reviewer Shauna Lyon (Self can scarcely believe her eyes: Finally, a woman reviewing movies for The New Yorker!) says “Steve Carrell and Juliette Binoche bring life to this gently comic drama, directed by Peter Hedges.” (Alas, quick check of Fandango reveals that this movie is no longer showing in self’s neighborhood movie theatres)

The Darjeeling Limited:

    Self was so-so on viewing the trailer, and sight of Owen Wilson’s bandaged head was constant, ghoulish reminder of his recent suicide attempt, but when reviewer Anthony Lane wrote “The new Wes Anderson film shows that his fixation on families, and on the ties that bind them, continues unabated”, self was sold. And anyway, self thinks Adrien Brody is mighty cute.

Gone, Baby Gone

    This one has Casey Affleck. So self would have seen it, regardless of what New Yorker said. But reviewer David Denby says “In his debut film as feature director, Ben Affleck turns to the gloomy streets of working-class Dorchester. A baby girl belonging to the world’s worst mother (Amy Ryan) gets snatched, and a local tough kid who has become a private investigator (Casey Affleck), accompanied by his girlfriend (Michelle Monaghan), looks for the child in some of the city’s most surly locations. The movie turns into a complicated thriller involving the mother’s disapproving family and some very emotional Boston policemen who are obssessed with protecting children.” Sold, Ben, sold.

Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains:

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