Amazing, Simply Amazing

Self has decided that she must post before going off to meet her godson, a sophomore at Santa Clara, whose birthday is today. Self is treating godson and his girlfriend to dinner at a Japanese restaurant where she used to hang out, when she was still a grad student at Stanford. The place is called Fuki Sushi, and it’s on El Camino in Palo Alto. Self thought it might be a kick to take godson there, as she knows niece G (who is spending this quarter in Oxford — that’s Oxford, UK, not Oxford, Mississippi, and if self knew how to abbreviate Mississippi she would have) loves it whenever self takes her to a restaurant and says, “This is where I used to eat when I was still studying Chinese/ Creative Writing at Stanford.”

Anyhoo, self knows that she’d better blog now, for after dinner she might not get the chance, hubby will surely be on-line, and since his laptop doesn’t have the wireless thing, he uses the DSL box, and that’s the same box that self’s Airport Express is plugged into, and when he unplugs the cord to her Airport Express in order to put in the cord to his laptop, self’s wireless connection goes away.

Whew, that is a very long explanation for why self feels it is imperative she must blog now.

Also, self decided that she would only blog if hubby were out of the room. And he’s been walking back and forth, back and forth, from the backyard to the flat-screen HDTV, for approximately an hour. And sometimes he’ll stop in front of the TV (which has the sound turned all the way down, so all self sees is people opening and closing their mouths, and she has no idea what they are saying) and he’ll whip out a pad of paper and a pen and write something down, and self has no idea what he is writing. Sometimes, too, he will take out his cell phone and stare at it. Then he’ll put it in his pocket and self has no idea what it is he has seen on his cell phone.

But, anyhoo, because self finds hubby’s activities so mysterious, they are also so distracting, and therefore she can’t write. So, she tells herself: Each time he comes into the room, I’ll stop. And I won’t resume until he leaves.

Which is making for a very choppy post, dear blog reader.

All right, what has self managed to achieve this weekend?

    Well, she thinks it is pretty spiffy that she made arroz caldo (using carcass of whole chicken that she boiled with celery and garlic and onions, as per instructions of Amy Besa and Romy Dorotan), and she still marvels at her decision to add the tripe, which elevated the humble dish to nirvana level.
    Self thinks it is pretty suck-y that she got nothing but spam in her in-boxes (all six of them) this weekend. The only e-mail she got that wasn’t spam was from ex-Assumption classmate, telling her of upcoming get-together at house of yet another ex-classmate, whose son had somehow managed to make it into Columbia. Self tried to back out of it by saying she couldn’t “afford” the $30 exchange gift requirement, on top of a financial contribution for food, but ex-classmate e-mailed her back all in caps: YOU”D BETTER COME! And self caved in like the coward she is. When she related sad tale to hubby, he said: “You should have said you had to give a reading.” Which self thinks would have made things even worse, for she’s been pretty successful so far in hiding from all her ex-classmates the fact that she is a writer, that she has written stories where characters use bad language and do wrongful things to each other.

Anyhoo, what else happened this weekend?

    Since tomorrow’s class at xxxx community college is on ZZ Packer’s “Brownies”, self got to read the story all over again, which was fun.
    And self bought two small pumpkins from Wegman’s for $2.99 each.

Hubby took her to see The Kingdom this afternoon, which self thought was a pretty kick-ass movie. It had self sitting on the edge of her seat all through the last 20 minutes, when she almost couldn’t stand the tension of not knowing whether Justin Bateman would end up with his head hacked off for one of those “snuff” videos disseminated on Al-Jazeera. Although, if she really stopped to think about it, self should have known that Justin would be saved in the end, because you just don’t kill off a funny character like that, not in an American movie anyway. And of course in the end Jennifer Garner had to get all coo-ey with Saudi Arabian kid, who turned out to be grandson of fearsome America-hating terrorist Abdul Hamsa, who of course had a big surprise hidden under his jellabah. But, anyhoo, it was all very exciting, even up to the very last line. And the two actors who play the Saudi Arabian policemen/good guys are extremely good-looking. Kudos to director Peter Berg for defying all self’s expectations of what an action movie set in Saudi Arabia and starring Jennifer Garner would be like.

Well, hubby has returned, and since he’s walking right behind self at this moment (and probably staring straight at her computer screen, though she can’t verify this unless she actually stops typing and looks over her shoulder), self will have to stop. Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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