Self’s Belated Realizations

Self saw the dentist today, after class at xxxx community college. Dentist performed her usual moaning about the state of self’s teeth, gums, etc., declaring self had cavities in three — count ’em three — quadrants of her mouth (Well, why don’t you fill them, then? Self felt like asking. But, since dentist is the one who wields the drill bit, and self would not want to provoke any latent sadistic tendencies, self decided it would be eminently prudent to keep her mouth shut)

Anyhoo, with an air of great finality, dentist announced she would have to break self’s one and only bridge, a contraption that took self over a year to pay off.

“And how much will it be to construct a new bridge?” self inquired.

Dentist, fully aware by now of self’s constant vigilance over expenses (After all, self is only a struggling writer/ part-time teacher, and hubby is only an engineer — self doesn’t know what the rest of the dentist’s clientele are like, but guesses they’re probably very successful in their own fields, whether it be law/medicine/high tech/biotechnology, etc. etc.), exclaims “$3000!”

“Fine,” self says. “I’ll have it done.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After exiting dentist’s office, self’s mind went scurrying hither and thither, like a rat in a cage. But, self told herself, in her most peremptory manner: Cut it out! And she was all right for the rest of the day (after resolving not to breathe even a syllable of such to hubby. Insurance, self knows, will only cover 40%)

In the meantime, self went home. And had quite a relaxing evening, inspecting her roses. Then she returned to the living room and resumed reading 96 Hours of two weeks ago, and saw a very familiar face on p. 14: to wit, Joel Tan, standing in front of New York’s Washington Square gate, with hair wildly flying in all directions, and listening intently to his cell phone.

Oh, oh, oh, self realized she had completely missed annual APAture show put on by esteemed Kearney Street Workshop. And now that she has time to peruse the article (and discover all the things she has missed), self learns that

    Joel Barraquiel Tan was a featured reader
    Ron Quesada performed a piece called “Kulintronica” that “featured a merging of traditional kulintang music with an electric guitar and electronic instruments.”

There is also a great set of quotes from Samantha Chanse about the mission of APAture, which is “to show that . . . Asian American art” is “being redefined. It’s a living thing.”

Well, self realizes that even if she had wanted to go to the events, her car was still in the shop, and it was the first week of class for her, and she would probably not have had the wherewithal to go to the City, but anyway, here is self’s belated recognition of the event, and of Joel’s picture, which is a really cool thing.

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