Horoscope of the Day or, With Gratitude For All Good Things, Trois

Self has stumbled home from her last class of the week, at xxxx community college. Neck aches something awful.

This morning, self rented another car, as yesterday afternoon’s little foray downtown to see The Brave One impressed upon self the realization that she cannot live without a car. Not that the walk was all bad. It just so happened that self reached Sequoia High School just as school was letting out for the day, and she then got to merge with groups of high school kids, all dressed in varying shades of black and very thick eye-liner, and self was almost convinced she had dropped into another planet. Also, as self is extremely short, and everyone was going hither and thither because of gabbing on a cell phone or listening to an iPod, self almost got trampled several times.

Anyhoo, this morning self got another car. Then drove to xxxx community college and delivered her lesson for the day. Horoscope (which self always reads before setting out for the morning) was:

The crazier your ideas are today, the better! They’ll awaken everyone’s creativity.

Which admonition self found to be extremely comforting.

So, self set off for class, all bright-eyed and hopeful, in spite of the fact that yesterday a student named Sargon who reminded self of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the guy in Brick, wrote at the bottom of a quiz (whose answers he left blank): Giving a quiz on a syllabus is absurd. This style of teaching is not for me.

Aaaargh!!! Self knows that giving a quiz on a syllabus is absurd. That is why she tried so hard to make it interesting, giving essay-type questions instead of multiple choice, and giving students room to express their opinions freely. Which obviously Sargon did.

And today he was not in class, and neither was his friend, a cute girl named Alex. Oh, well! They missed an absolutely riveting lecture self delivered on former student Kevin Kostelnik’s poem, “There For Six Months.”

Now, self is at home, trying to recoup from a weekful of stresses. Thank God she decided to rent a car this morning, since that enabled her to pass by Menlo Park Library on the way home and rent Nathaniel Philbrick’s Sea of Glory. She was also able to buy lamb chops from Draeger’s. And just being able to do these two things helped self immeasurably, as she then began to feel much calmer and happier.

Now, she’s flipping through The Economist of Sept. 15-22 and stumbles upon picture of some guy in a pompadour and shades. Self thinks it is an Elvis impersonator until she reads the caption: For Once, a Former President Gets His Comeuppance. And that is when self realizes she is looking at a picture of former Philippine president Joseph Estrada.

So then self reads the accompanying article with more than usual interest, and learns that:

On September 12, after a six-year trial, a special court found Mr. Estrada, a former film actor, guilty of “economic plunder” during his presidency and sentenced him to life imprisonment. It ordered the confiscation of $87 million amassed from protection money from illegal gambling operators, embezzled tobacco taxes and commissions from insider trading.

What a fall from grace for the man who was elected in 1998 by the widest margin in Philippine history! Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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