Dear Evelina –


The Filipina Women’s Network’s nationwide search for the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S. has ended and YOU have been selected a Most Influential Filipina Woman in the U.S.

The “Nicole” award category honors Filipina women whose words, actions, and activism, inspire others to act and revolutionize our society’s way of understanding traditional beliefs and customs. This category is inspired by “Nicole” who sparked an international dialogue about women’s rights, national sovereignty, and international law as she steadfastly pursued justice against her rapists.

FILIPINA “PINAY” POWER 2012: Changing the face of power in America
Developing tomorrow’s Filipina leaders today

This prestigious recognition is conceived as a working award – the Final 100 are invited to mentor a protégé and both leaders are invited return to the Filipina Summit in October 2012 to celebrate the partnership.

The announcement of the Final 100 list is the highlight of the 5th Annual Filipina Summit which will be held October 25-27, 2007 in Washington D.C. We have designed two events to honor the Final 100’s outstanding work –

1) Gala awards dinner on Thursday evening, October 25, 2007
2) “Kwentuhan” – the power of telling our personal and community stories and how to develop your community legacy by partnering with a Filipina protégé – Friday evening, October 26, 2007

When Filipina women come in unity, a strong and positive result is achieved. When distinct personalities come together in unity – sharing their strengths and differences – a new dimension of excellence is created.

Once again, congratulations on your selection. We look forward to your reply and see you at the summit!

In Filipina sisterhood and on behalf of the 100 Most Influential Selection Committee –

Marily Mondejar
President, Filipina Women’s Network

Search Committee for the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the U.S.

Maya Escudero, Ayala Foundation USA & Genevieve Herreria, Levensohn Venture Partners

Cecille Rebong, Consul General New York
Elena Mangahas, Co-Chair, Little Manila Foundation
Fay Olympia, Editor, FWN Magazine & V-Diaries
Marily Mondejar, President, Institute for Image Management
Nida Recabo, MSW, Baptist Hospital of Miami
Nini Alvero, Philippine Trade Commissioner
Rose-Ann K. Ubarra, Youth Coordinator, FAHSI
Sonia Delen, Senior Vice President, Banc of America Leasing
Weng Sanchez, Consul General Shanghai

Helpful Links for the Filipina Summit

More info about the Filipina Summit –
FWN’s National Steering Committee –


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