Today’s Horoscope, In Contrast to Yesterday’s

Today’s horoscope is in marked contrast to yesterday’s, dear blog reader. Which is perhaps why, when self finally emerged in the backyard around mid-morning, she discovered that all the little sprouts she had lovingly set in the ground (with liberal applications of cottonseed meal and bone meal) yesterday, were now shredded and scattered across the grass. For which, self knows very well there can only be one culprit: and that is Gracie.

After urgent consultation with cousin in Virginia, self dragged the little crit to the dug-up holes, pushed her face down into the dirt, and yelled NO!!! at the top of her lungs. Gracie pulled back, but self had her firmly by the collar. Self’s other hand was still holding the receiver, with cousin listening on the other end. Eventually, self heard her squawking something, which turned out to be, “Enough! Enough!” Whereupon self, appalled by her own mean-ness, loosened her hold on the little crit, who immediately ran back to the house, tail between her legs.

That dealt with, self then turned her attention to the most important business of the day, which is of course to think of something interesting she can post on her blog.

Self is still reading the Sunday New York Times of Sept. 2. And this morning happens to land on the section (a very large one) called Weddings/ Celebrations. And it is so interesting to read this page, for after perusing where all the different couples chose to hold their nuptials, self thinks she has compiled a good list of places to visit, should she ever feel the urge to explore other parts of the country. For example: Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, NY; the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis; the St. Paul Roman Catholic Church in Cambridge, Mass.; the Eleanor Cabot Bradley estate in Canton, Mass.; the Church of the Sacred Heart in Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyo.; the Spring House Hotel on Block Island, R.I.; and the Highlawn Pavilion Restaurant in West Orange, N.J.

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Horoscope for the Day: “Self’s Words Are Arrows”

After reading a horoscope like that, dear blog reader, one would have to be mighty stupid not to have an excellent day. And self is not stupid (even though she sometimes acts like she is), and today was excellent.

Luckily, she read her horoscope this afternoon, before hubby returned home from the office — delayed, he claimed, by his boss Suresh, who unbenknownst to hubby called self at 5 PM, looking for hubby, which was extremely confusing as hubby was supposed to be in the office, in company of boss. So when self called hubby to inquire where he was, and he said, “In an office meeting,” she had privately to go “har har har har”. But, not to worry! Today, self’s words are arrows. So, taking advantage of the fortuitous horoscope, self did the following, all in the space of three hours:

–informed wan students who showed for Ethnic Lit class that class was officially canceled (More happy happy joy joy)

–Planted more perennials, in deep holes with plenty of cotton meal, bone meal, and compost. Self absolutely determined to transform garden into what Valerie Easton, author of A Pattern Garden calls “a powerful metaphor, a symbol of connection and passage”

–Watered: 8 buckets, front and back yards

–Applied for a grant, the only one she could find that required NO references (!!). Self was undeterred that pool is usually in the thousands, and only 10 are selected. Remember, self: “Your words are arrows.” So, before energy flagged, self zipped out the CVs, the three copies of the cover letter, the 30 pages of manuscript, and VOILA! By the time hubby walked in the door, self had a neat little package, properly addressed with Foundation address, waiting in readiness for self to transport to post office.


And in the mail today, apropos of nothing, not a single rejection.

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

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