Mother of All Barbecues Part II

Self is kinda bummed that hubby came home early. Self went to watch the 4:40 show of A Mighty Heart, at downtown Redwood City cinema, as she felt in dire need of relaxation before tomorrow’s onslaught of relatives. Self used to have quite a strong antipathy to Angelina Jolie, since she tends to shun women who steal other women’s husbands. But, in discussing issue with niece, nephew, manicurista, and everyone else self comes into contact with on a weekly basis, discovered that everyone prefers Angelina to Jen. “She’s smarter,” niece asserts. “And she cares about world issues.” (OK, OK, enough already!)

Anyhoo, as self was saying, assumed hubby wouldn’t be home until his usual time, 8 PM, and would have plenty of time to do such things as prepare dinner, tidy up living room (where self had left her usual scattering of books and magazines).

But, as self was driving up the avenue toward home, saw hubby’s white car parked up by the curb in front of the house. Good thing she had decided not to drop by Whole Foods for further investigations of the what-to-spend variety! Hubby was madly mowing, in preparation for tomorrow’s Mother of All Barbecues Part II, for which we are expecting 30 people. When self walks in, his first words are: “Wipe down the TV screen.” Next, he wants self to clean the bathroom. AND wipe down all the door handles.

Nothing bores self more than receiving instructions. Especially since hubby also informs self that tomorrow, day of Mother of All Barbecues Part II, he has to work, and will probably only be back at 6:30, when barbecue starts.

At first, self is uncommonly peeved. But then she thinks it will all work out, because with hubby out of the way, self can watch another movie. Or read. Or write a story. And by the time he comes back, guests will be arriving, and he will be so distracted with excitement over playing the role of gracious host that he will forget about self completely. Self knows what to expect because she has seen it all happen before.

Let me just say, before bidding adieu, dear blog reader, that self was so moved by A Mighty Heart, and cannot imagine anyone better suited for playing the role of Mariane Pearl than Angelina. And thank God they did not talk over-much about Danny Pearl’s gruesome death. Who was that woman whose silky voice accompanies movie’s closing credits? The song was so beautiful, too.

Another bonus: got to watch smashing preview for The Bourne Ultimatum, which opens August 3, just before self leaves for VCCA. Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

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