Self Goes Shopping in San Luis Obispo!

First of all, self finds the town absolutely charming, could walk around all day there without getting in the least bit bored.

Took son out for brunch at the Corner View Restaurant and Bar on the corner of Chorro and Marsh: hubby and self had been there once before, when we visited son during Thanksgiving. Then, had something called “chocolate cosmopolitan” (delish!) and hubby had his usual margarita.

This time, son had a burger, hubby had chorizo omelet, and self had quiche of the day (ham and spinach, which turned out to be enormous: really, the most enormous, thick quiche self had ever seen) which came with moist coffee cake.

Afterwards, it was off to the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, which the three of us had been discussing for weeks. Parked at a lot where members of a high school water polo team were charging $5 for fundraising. Fair was just as “fun” as we remembered it being last year. Self was determined this time to purchase something strawberry, as saw many many people walking around with plastic bowls of strawberry topped with whipped cream. Stopped at a booth with handmade wooden signs, bought one for our backyard that said: JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE ($24.95). Then, while hubby and son were at a booth looking at binoculars, went to a nearby stall and saw silk bags like the one sister-in-law sent self from Hong Kong a couple of years ago, and which self used so much that the threads came loose and bag eventually fell apart. Here, there was a sale: 2 bags for $10. There was a cute light green bag with a panda motif which self definitely fell for. And a slightly larger bag which self can use to tote around student papers.

Afterwards, walking down Arroyo Grande’s main street, saw quite a line of people outside the ice cream place, Doc Bernstein’s, and found they were all there for the strawberry shortcake. Which self just had to have, because self loves ice cream, and besides it was the Strawberry Festival. So, got a serving of shortcake ($6.50) and self is happy to report that it was the most delicious combination of fresh strawberries, shortcake, and whipped cream that self had ever tasted.

After that, son requested we watch Pirates 3, and even though it was a three-hour-long movie, hubby and self did try to accommodate him, going to three different theatres (Festival Cinema, in the “Five Cities” mall, and two other theatres in downtown SLO), but we had just missed the 4:30 shows in all of them, and couldn’t hang around to wait for the 7:20 (as poor little Bella and Gracie, waiting back home, would probably expire from hunger). Decided to just walk around downtown, and saw a Sunglass Hut. Urged son inside, as he must be the only Californian in the world who does not own a pair of sunglasses. Son kept insisting he didn’t need shades, but self was adamant, made him try on Ray Bans and Maui Jim’s (!!@@). Self wished she had a copy of People Magazine so that she could investigate what style of shades celebrities had recently taken to sporting. But even though there was a Barnes & Noble nearby and self left son in store while she went to look for an issue of abovementioned magazine, there were none that self could discern in the B & N. So, returned to Sunglass Hut, and lo and behold, son had picked out a pair that he liked, and it was $169. But, hey, son is so modest, and he almost never asks for anything, and besides self thought he looked good, shades vaguely reminiscent of the ones Neo wore in The Matrix. In fact, self and son started saying the “You are the One” lines from the movie, and salesgirl stared at us both as if we were crazy. In spite of salesgirl’s appalling lack of a sense of humor, forked over the credit card, informing son that shades were to be his birthday present. There goes money self was saving to watch Cal Shakes Richard III. But, it really was touching to see the way son carefully polished lenses and the slow and careful way he tucked shades into their case. Self only hopes that son does not share the shades with friend (There, son, I changed it!) Nick.

By now, self was in danger of using up every last bill in her wallet (not to mention her checking account). Thankfully, prudence took over and self was saved from further shopping impulses.

Oh, and Dearest Mum’s cousins, who’d driven down to see their daughter who also goes to Cal Poly, called twice on self’s cell phone. Self never expected to hear from them, but surmised perhaps they were grateful for self having found place for their daughter in Menlo Park, monthly rent only $400. Dearest Mum’s cousins suggested meeting for lunch at 1, but self told them we had planned to go to Strawberry Festival. At which point, sounding distinctyly relieved, Dearest Mum’s cousins declared we would take a raincheck and meet up next time we were both in San Luis Obispo (probably never).

Now self is home, tired. Hubby already snoring on living room couch. Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

Sunday, 27 May: San Luis Obispo

Oh loyal blog readers, self made it safely to San Luis Obispo this morning, in spite of having gotten only a few hours of sleep and woken up with tremendous eyebags (perhaps this is a sign of age, and not a sign of lack of sleep — !!)

Self drove most of the way, until almost to Paso Robles, when told hubby self’s eyes were clooosing and there was distinct possibility we might crash. After much grumbling, hubby took over.

Hubby and self puzzled that, after arriving at son’s dorm, he kept us waiting for half an hour, though we’d been calling him all morning to give him regular reports on our progress. Only a scant hour or so ago (after spending almost the whole day together), son confessed that he had actually not slept a wink the whole night before, having been in a poker tournament in Solvang (!!@@) He said he had not meant to stay there all night, but friend had kept winning and winning and winning, and son, being most considerate, was reluctant to deprive friend of opportunity to win more and more. Then, friend began to lose, at which point it became impossible to extricate him from table, son ended up sleeping 30 minutes in car at 6:30 AM.

Now, we must really RUSH BACK to the Bay Area to feed little crits, Gracie probably consuming all the ka-ka in sight.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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