Reading for the Day: Poem, from OAKLAND OUT LOUD

Excuse me for a moment, loyal blog readers: Johnny Depp has just popped up on The Early Show. Okey-dokey, clip over, can now concentrate on matter at hand. (Oh gosh, self has just learned that first two Pirates movies have scored 1.7 billion worldwide. Isn’t that, like, bigger than the total product of Singapore, Malaysia, or the Philippines ??? But, I digress)

Following is a poem from Oakland Out Loud: Poetry and Prose in Celebration of ‘There’ (Jukebox Press, Oakland, 2007)

“In the Margins”

I am listening to dust: your letters
don’t speak anymore. Faith has slammed shut.
The dead go in and out so skilfully,
while the bed grows wider and emptier
under a gray heaven. A sunflower tells me
everything as it blooms, as you turn
to kiss me at the edge of the forest.
Forget me. It’s a small request.

Elizabeth Rosner is an award-winning novelist, poet, and essayist living in Berkeley, California. Her bestselling first novel, The Speed of Light (Ballantine 2001) won several literary prizes in both the US and Europe, and was translated into nine foreign languages. It was optioned by actress Gillian Anderson, who plans to make the film her directorial debut. Her poetry collection, Gravity (Small Poetry Press 1998) is currently in its 14th printing.

The Fifteenth Most Gorgeous Day So Far This Year . . .

Ye-hey! Self is happy! Self is content! Self is not going to quote from 365 Dao or from Yahoo horoscopes! All self knows is that today was pretty darn good, for the following reasons:

    It was hot. And self got to work in the garden, dragging buckets around the yard and (hopefully) sculpting her biceps.
    Gracie did not get to eat any of her poop. Self was wicked with the pooper scooper today. As a consequence, doggie breath sweet when hubby came home and he did not recoil with revulsion but patted her little head gently.
    Self tried Coconut sorbet from Trader Joe’s. Not as good as the buko sherbet of Arce, but considering it is American, quite passable.
    Hubby came home 45 minutes earlier than was his wont. Self sweetly informed him, around 7 PM, that had lined up at San Carlos Farmers Market for RoliRoti Chicken. Twenty people ahead of her in line, but that did not matter! Self was undeterred! Anything for hubby! So hubby came home. Ravenously hungry. Thank goodness, this time self was prepared.
    Hubby is quiet, not grousing. Perhaps that is because self informed him that tomorrow she is going out with another former Sacred Heart mom and we are going to watch classic Japanese movie at Cubberley Aud on Stanford campus. So hubby said he too would have dinner out with ex-officemate, “Charles.” (Self has never ever heard him mention this “Charles” before. Hubby assures self they worked together for four years.)
    Self is kinda thinking she might see 28 Weeks Later tomorrow. Even though she is already seeing Japanese classic film at night. Two movies in one day! Self is certainly living !!!
    Self opened Marie Claire and there, in a column by one “Didi”, reads about “best antiager” (Skip out, men! Self is going to get into the girl talk here!): According to Didi, “Victor MD Skincare” is laced with “natural growth factors” that revitalize the cells. Didi also recommends Clarins’s new “Expertise 3P Anti-Electromagnetic Waves & Urban Pollution Screen Mist”, which “blocks the skin-damaging effects of the invisible stuff emitted by cell phones.” (EEEeeek! Never ever knew that cell phones transmitted potentially skin-damaging substance!)

Only downer today was that son called and said he was not coming up after all on June 1. Before that, he said he was coming up Memorial Day Weekend. And before that . . . well, never mind. The boy is young. The boy must enjoy himself. Perhaps he has girlfriend. This must be why he has informed self he will not be returning all summer. Self is sad, but happy for son. For his whatever.

Other not-so-good thing: called Dearest Mum. Dearest Mum oh-so-perky. Self confides dilemma-of-the-moment: Dearest Mum’s second cousin has daughter who is moving to Bay Area, Dearest Mum’s second cousin calls self to ask if daughter can room with us. Dearest Mum, after listening, trills: “Oh, don’t worry! Show him your house and he’ll change his mind!”

OK, OK! That’s enough of the negativity! The doldrums! Self is forgetting that today is “Fifteenth Most Gorgeous Day”.

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

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