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This just in:

U.S. Military announces $200,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the rescue of three missing American soldiers who were captured last week after an ambush in Iraq.

Filipino Nominated for “Mr. Hyphen”

Loyal blog readers, this is so exciting: someone I actually know, someone I have actually met and conversed with, is one of six nominees for Bachelor of the Year. Which means you can actually catch him on TV tonight —

Ooops! My bad. Did I say “Bachelor of the Year”??? I meant “Mr. Hyphen of the Year.” Which, trust me, is even better.

Here’s the low-down on the competition:


Just because you’ve aged out of the prom crowning circuit doesn’t mean you can’t catch a crowning of a different kind at the 2nd annual Mr. Hyphen contest, held at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center on June 9. Six Asian American men will battle it down for the title with their style, attitude, talent and dedication to the community. The winner takes home a prize donation to the nonprofit he represents, setting the stage for brighter things to come.

The Mr. Hyphen 2007 contestants are:

– Tingwei Lin, East Bay Asian Local Dev, Corp.
– Luke Patterson, Great Leap
Anthem Salgado, Babae
– Jeffrey Sichaleune, Midwest Asian Amer. Students Union
Jason Woo
– Billy Yeh, My Sister’s House

Comedienne Ali Wong, fresh from Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza!, is set to MC once again. We’re also excited to bring on Azalea, a retailer committed to the community and the environment through their business practices, as our fashion consultants.

It’s been a great year for reigning Mr. Hyphen Robin Sukhadia, who represented Project Ahimsa, an organization which provides music education for children in poor and underserved areas around the world. As the first-ever Mr. Hyphen, he’s paved the way and set a gold standard through his thoughtful questioning and inspirational interviews, as seen in our print and online magazine. Says Sukhadia, “The entire experience of competing, winning and holding the Mr. Hyphen title for a year was profoundly transformative.”

Get your tickets early! Advance tickets are $15, on sale at our website until May 31. Tickets at the door are $20. See for more details.

I must confess that I had never heard of this competition before, but:


Just Out: Spring 2007 Issue of SOU’WESTER

The Spring 2007 issue of Sou’wester, which is published by the English Department of Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, has just arrived in my mailbox.

Among the features: story by yours truly, and interviews with poet Jane O. Wayne and novelist Julie Otsuka.

Cover is just beautiful: a very deep green, and photo of porcelain artwork — “Bag with Firefly” — by Paul Dresang.

Poetry: Alison Townsend * Adrian Matejka * Jacqueline Kosolov * Andrew Kozma * Roy Bentley * Meg Rains * Tim Leach

Fiction: Stephanie Dickinson, “Waking Water” * Nance Van Winckel, “The Crew” and “Getting the Mother Dressed” * Marianne Villanueva, “Don Alfredo and Jose Rizal” (earlier version published in 2006 STORY Philippines, vol. 2 — much thanks to esteemed Rizalist Edwin Lozada for allowing me to use his beautiful translation of Ultimo Adios) * Kate Bernhimer, “A Tulip’s Tale” * Tamara Titus, “Vashti” * Wendy Marcus, “Triage” * Lisa VanAuken, “Oil” * Cindy Jacobs, “A Moment” * James Reed, “Prank” * Benjamin Reed, “Surprise Me With Something Familiar” * James Klise, “The Witch” * Catharine Parsons, “Hector and Lulu Cross the Road” * Joseph Levens, “Lost Locker Combinations” * Donald Ray Pollock, “Hair’s Fate”

Single Issue Price: $8.00

Project Runway to American Women: ‘Be Fabulous!’

Think self can be forgiven for a little hysteria this evening, dear blog reader.

For one thing, Warriors lost last night. OK, OK, self is not one to whine, to stamp her feet: After all, Warriors did plenty of that last night, especially in final quarter, making any number of dirty fouls, totally going into melt-down mold. Almost feared would see some players storming off bawling.

Well, it has been an enormously emotional season.

Don’t worry, guys! You’ll be back next year!

In the meantime, self is seated on sofa, facing flat-screen HDTV, watching “Project Runway.” No need to prepare dinner for hubby, as dear man’s off gallivanting somewhere in Sacramento with very amiable boss Suresh. On TV, a young and very pregnant woman comes out and announces to stellar audience (which includes Gloria Steinem, looking fab in signature streaks): “I created this collection to give a message to American women: Be fabulous! And take care of yourselves, because fashion can really change your life!”

Hear, hear! Self almost stands up and claps, forgetting that she has on her lap a box of fried oysters from Lobster Shack on Veterans and Jefferson, $2 off today so were only $10.75 for 8 oysters (Hubby would never permit, if he were home, as his idea of “good meal” is $10 per person, max, including sales tax: Exhibit A, for Mother’s Day was treated to fab buffet at Kenkoy’s, eat-all-you-can for $7.50 per)

So, front page headline of SF Chronicle today is: HARD TO BELIEVE THE DREAM IS OVER

There, there, dears. Let’s stop being so gloomy. After all, there are other headlines on front page, to wit:

    School Bus Company Falsified Emissions Test Data (Quelle horreur!)
    Provocative Preacher Inspired and Divided (And WHO is this fabulous person, self wonders, before discovering: Oh, it’s only the late recently departed Rev. Jerry Falwell)
    Maze Meltdown: Day 18 – Yes, my dears, Chronicle painfully reminds us: “more than two weeks after a gasoline tanker crash and fire caused part of I- 580 to collapse, workers raised a 243,750 – pound concrete beam from a truck parked on I – 880 and placed it atop two recently repaired I- 580 columns that remained standing after the collapse. The first steel girders arrived by truck from Arizona at ABC Painting on Mare Island in Vallejo, where they received a coat of primer.” Projected completion of repair: June 27.


Wow! That does it: self will never, ever rent a car in Miami (even though self doesn’t have one chance in heck of getting to said fabulous city — not, at least, in foreseeable future)

So, meanwhile, let’s keep on munching and salivating over oysters and clothes. Very fun evening, self is having here on the sofa.

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