Missed “Black Book”! Instead, Made Phone Calls (No Result)

Aaargh, Black Book isn’t showing on the Peninsula anymore, and self was dying to see it, since Paul Verhoeven used to be one of self’s favorite directors, he was the director who introduced youthful self to Rutger Hauer (in movie Agent of Orange). Black Book was showing in CineArts Square off Page Mill Road, but just now self checked movie schedules (feeling quite stressed, in need of relaxation — actually, feel sleeeepy, but must not sleep until tonight or will be up, wide-eyed and strung-out, at 3 AM) and it is gone. See no other listings for it in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, or Redwood City.

Today, since getting back from classes at xxxx Foothill College, have done the following:

    passed by post office to buy 2 cent stamps (rates go up today!)
    borrowed Mr. Strangelove, a biography of Peter Sellers, from Redwood City Main Library
    Tried googling Mike Guingona, ex-Daly City Mayor. Find only the number for his law office in San Francisco, call but get only answering machine.
    Called Women’s Building in San Francisco (trying to get venue for Evelina for Thursday night), found out the only room they have available is a classroom, for which there is $45/ hour rental fee.
    Left messages with David Palumbo-Liu (Stanford), Ellen Gavin (Brava).

Hmmm, let’s see, who, who, who else can I call?

    Even bothered friend Diane, right in the middle of her workday, to ask for suggestions. Authors who’ve written about comfort women might have contacts with local venues, she suggested? Brilliant! Self thought immediately of Tess Uriza Holthe, but do not know her number, might have to go through agent.
    Also, called Kababayan Central, publisher of Manila Bulletin- U.S.A. Alas, said paper has only staff of one in San Francisco, and that person is naturally over-extended already, cannot spare the time (and, by the way, informed self she has never heard of Evelina Galang. So glad she didn’t ask for self’s name, as self was spared humiliation of having to self-identify as terribly unknown writer)
    AND, last but not least, called Phil Gasper, resident fellow activist at NDNU, who suggested The New College; also, a website with lists of organizations who are “liberal/humanitarian”, who may be able to help.

All that work, all that e- mailing and calling around, and self has come up with nothing. There is a reason self is not a community organizer — scores zero on the persuasion index — !!

Oh, and by the way, what’s up with the weather today? Is friggin’ cold!

Just as self is here commiserating (with self) on abysmal results of past two hours, phone rings: UNKNOWN CALLER. Self finds herself entertaining vague hope that this may be someone returning self’s calls, finds herself picking up receiver with barely controlled excitement. Wouldn’t you know, it’s the friendly Petco Customer Service rep, letting self know that if she brings in little crits for two more groomings by September, she gets the next grooming free. Well, that is certainly splendid! Wonderful! Self is so grateful for small mercies.

Why is it that whenever the phone rings, it’s always someone that you least expect — ??

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