Happy Happy Joy Joy, Part V

Self is so absolutely filled with joy, today, this moment, dear blog reader, even though — eeek, what are those streaks on laptop’s touchpad, left by newly manicured fingers (color: bright red)? Is that acetone? Keypad smells funny? What in God’s name is that ????

Loyal blog readers can probably guess: laptop has been retrieved from Genius Bar at Apple Store in Stanford Shopping Center. Is now home with self (Geniuses promised to clean screen, but did not), minus crap CD that was stuck in its belly the last week and a half.

“We had to replace a **@@## and a **##@@ and a Bluetooth something something,” intoned a Genius (a very very skinny one; I’d have described him as anorexic but don’t know if it’s still the same word when a male suffers from the condition)

Genius Bar was absolutely mobbed by people today, and all looked oh-so-very cool, sporting the latest in sneaker technology, all in fawn tones. Some were my age, requesting lessons in how to get up-to-speed on cool computer tricks. The young ones all knew they wanted the fancy gew-gaws– ipod cases, something called an iSkin. Everyone was thin thin thin, as if anyone overweight would never dare to inflict such a non-cool physique on assembled geniuses. Anyway, self felt fully capable of worshipping at the altar of Jobs, along with myriad assembled hopefuls. Yes indeed, Steve is a god.

So, anyhoo, on the way home to good ol’ RWC, and since the weather was sooo fine, and self still had a few moments before manicure appointment, stopped by Yumi Yogurt and had piña colada smoothie (yogurt, banana, pineapple and coconut), $4.55. Promise myself not to spend anymore, as must always have at least $7 in case sudden urge to watch a movie strikes.

It’s been, all in all, an excellent week, even in spite of the teaching. Saw Fracture. And, each of the last three days, have ingested some form of frozen delight:

    Wednesday: banana cream pie blizzard at Dairy Queen on Woodside Road
    Thursday: Dark Chocolate Brownie Gelato at Vivaldi’s/ Chocolate Mousse at Laurel St. in San Carlos
    Today: Piña Colada smoothie at Yumi Yogurt on El Camino in RWC

Yes indeed, all’s right with the world.

A Stealthy Post: Friday, 7:01 AM

Hubby not yet awake. Self has carefully extracted his office laptop from its case by dining room table.

Removal from plastic wrap proved very complicated. Self made sure to wash hands twice before extraction, but after laying laptop on dining room table observed two distinct thumbprints (@@!!) on laptop cover.

Oh, well, nothing for it now, will just have to go for it! Begin furiously typing post of the day, which is about random quotes from the San Francisco Chronicle of Tuesday, May 8, 2007 (Did self tell loyal blog readers that she is a very, very slow reader? Also, that self does not have a subscription to Chronicle, so buys it two or three times a week from Whole Foods, which gives her an excuse to peruse really delectable items she does not really need? Such as Just Desserts brownies and carrot cakes, which are on sale this week at 20% off? Again, I digress) :

Headline # 1:

Ship Parts Poke Through Sand at Ocean Beach

The sea, a thing of infinite mystery, was up to its mysterious ways Monday on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.

At high noon, in the middle of low tide, two large pieces of a wrecked 19th century clipper ship decided to poke out above the sand and reveal their long-hidden selves to the world.

It was a little piece of maritime history and a great big puzzle. Just the thing for a beachcomber to ponder on a warm and sunny spring day, instead of going to work.

Which brings us to second quote of the day:

Headline # 2:

Unseasonably Sunny Weather Has Bay Area Playing Hooky

Monday’s weather was just too nice for some people.

“It was too nice,” Dan Dimitri said, to sit in his downtown Oakland office. “It was too nice,” UC Berkeley student Seema Adina said, to study for final exams in the library. And for Cris Machado, it was “too nice out to look for a job.” Instead, she rode her mountain bike in Oakland’s Joaquin Miller Park.

Hmm, self knows the above wasn’t too exciting, but wanted to let the whole world know that the Bay Area was sunny yesterday (for a change), which contributed greatly to self’s good mood. Especially as it gave self an excuse to have Dark Chocolate Brownie gelato from Vivaldi’s/ Chocolate Mousse on Laurel Street in San Carlos. Also, gave her the opportunity to plant “Reeves” Skimmia, which is a terrible plant, after only three days in self’s backyard has already shed about half its leaves, probably from “shock” at adverse conditions to be found therein: dogs, heat, lack of water, bugs.

Let’s see, here’s something more exciting on p. B2.

Headline # 3:

One Year for Police Officer Who Assisted 2 Brothels

A former Sunnyvale police officer was sentenced Monday to a year and a day in federal prison for helping two brothels avoid police raids, find fleeing prostitutes and collect tens of thousands of dollars in bogus immigration fees from employees who were illegal immigrants.

Alas, can hear hubby stirring in bedroom. Must flee. More later (hopefully)

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