NYTBR 22 April 2007

Wow, that was quick! Self managed to read two issues of The New York Times Book Review this morning! And found so many books self would like to read, if only she had the time!

Today, after self finishes posting this, will give geniuses at Apple Store a call to see if work has begun on poor lemon of a laptop. Then, plan to try curious recipe for adobo that self found in recent Sunset magazine, to wit : 1 tbsp vegetable oil, 6 skinless chicken thighs, 3 cloves garlic, 2/3 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/3 cup soy sauce . . .

Wait a minute! What is wrong with this picture! Doesn’t everyone know that adobo needs at least half a head of garlic? Hello! Must write letter to Sunset editor, some time later today.

Also, discovered that self reversed the order of the issues self was blogging about today: that is, self posted the April 29 issue first, ahead of this one, for April 22. Oh well, since self knows loyal blog readers are smart, will not stress over this.

Without further ado, here are the books self is interested in reading (After perusing the April 22, 2007 Issue of The New York Times Book Review):

(1) After reading Erica Wagner’s review of Dani Shapiro‘s new novel, Black & White :

Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale

(2) After reading Pauline W. Chen‘s review of Atul Gawande‘s new book, Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance :

Atul Gawande’s Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance

(3) After reading Jennifer Senior’s review of Marilyn Nissenson’s biography of New York Post owner (before Murdoch, that is) Dorothy Schiff, The Lady Upstairs: Dorothy Schiff and The New York Post :

Marilyn Nissenson’s The Lady Upstairs: Dorothy Schiff and The New York Post

(4) After reading Eric Alterman’s review of Chuck Schumer’s Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time and Charles B. Rangel’s . . . And I Haven’t Had a Bad Day Since: From the Streets of Harlem to the Halls of Congress :

Charles B. Rangel’s . . . And I Haven’t Had a Bad Day Since: From the Streets of Harlem to the Halls of Congress :

(5) After reading Marilyn Stasio’s column on Crime Writing:

Dennis Lehane’s novel, Mystic River
Laura Lippman’s What the Dead Know

NYTBR 29 April 2007 — Finally!

Finally, loyal blog readers, the moment you’ve all been waiting for (for almost a month), the next installment of “Books I Am Interested in Reading”. Self could have blogged about this issue weeks ago, but was prevented by some distraction, self forgets which, and then LOST the said issue, which has only just surfaced this morning, extracted from under piles and piles of student papers on self’s messy desk.

One may also wonder how it is that self manages to go on-line when it is just 7:10 AM.

Has self managed to drag herself to Kinko’s this early in the morning? Is self really that heroic, that committed to her blog?

No, dear blog readers. Suffice it to say that hubby has repented of the error of his ways and extracted precious laptop from bag (in which self noticed he had wrapped it in a towel and a plastic bag) This complicated extraction took very many minutes, minutes during which self washed her hands repeatedly so as to ensure no more greasy thumbprints will be left on pristine machine, and voila! Here is self, ready to begin blog for the day.

* * * * * *

Books I Am Interested in Reading (After Perusing the April 29, 2007 Issue of The New York Times Book Review — which is another “theme” issue, as most of the reviews have to do with biographies, autobiographies, and memoirs)

(1) After reading Dwight Garner’s review of Martin Duberman‘s The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein:

Martin Duberman’s The Worlds of Lincoln Kirstein

(2) After reading Robert F. Worth’s review of Georgina Howell’s Gertrude Bell: Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations:

Georgina Howell’s Gertrude Bell: Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations

(3) After reading Jon Meacham’s review of Lynne Olson’s Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England:

Lynne Olson‘s Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill to Power and Helped Save England

(4) After reading Eva Hoffman’s review of a novel by Mark Slouka, The Visible World:

Mark Slouka’s The Visible World

(5) After reading Tara McKelvey’s review of Dinnah Leney’s Bigger Than Life: A Murder, A Memoir:

Dinnah Leney’s Bigger Than Life: A Murder, A Memoir:

(6) After reading James Traub’s review of John Lukacs’ George Kennan biography, George Kennan: A Study of Character:

John Lukacs’ George Kennan: A Study of Character

(7) After reading Tibor Fischer’s review of Sandor Marai’s novel, The Rebels, translated by George Szirtes:

George Szirtes’ translation of Sandor Marai’s The Rebels, and Marai’s Confessions of a Bourgeois

(8) After reading Jennifer Gilmore’s review of Mary Morris’s The River Queen: A Memoir :

Mary Morris’s The River Queen: A Memoir

(9) After reading Steve Coates’ review of Alessandro Barbero’s The Day of the Barbarians: The Battle That Led to the Fall of the Roman Empire :

Alessandro Barbero’s The Day of the Barbarians: The Battle That Led to the Fall of the Roman Empire

Surprise, Surprise!

It’s 9- something in the PM, and self is at Kinko’s. Blogging. Such is her devotion to Kanlaon. Even though self receives absolutely no monetary compensation for such.

Well, first of all, the Warriors lost. Again. And such was the depth of self’s despair that she wanted to blog immediately. But hubby, who has two computers now (one given to him by his new company), would not permit self to so much as lay a finger on either, for he maintained that last night, when he allowed me internet access for fifteen minutes, self had put a thumbprint on cover of his office laptop. @@!!##

Now would be opportune time to inform you, loyal blog readers, of hubby’s background: in hubby’s family, everyone had clearly demarcated “areas” in the home, also clearly demarcated utensils, and no one even had a computer (much less a typewriter), so possession of one was considered vast treasure, to be guarded with one’s life. There you have the whole sorry story of hubby’s childhood.

Whereas in self’s home, there were multiple computers and multiple of everything, and we were careless children who always broke things, and if something broke it was immediately replaced so we thought nothing of breaking and replacing, breaking and replacing, and so forth and so on. Until, that is, self got to America as a graduate student, and realized that if something broke, self would have to pay for it, and on measly grad student income, at that.

OK, realize am beginning to sound quite childish. Because self does not want to rail and stamp her feet, as that would be undignified, instead walked out of home with head held high, and made directly for Kinko’s, where self is now paying 25 cents a minute simply to blog about Warriors loss, but now this post is not really about the Warriors any longer, I digress again.

Oh well. It is nice to be out of the house, after all it’s a balmy evening.

When Sports Illustrated came in the mail today, and saw that some baseball player and not the Warriors were on the cover, was supremely happy, expected all to be hunky-dory, Warriors to win (as managed to avoid Sports Illustrated cover jinx). But of course, self is always confounded by the error of her convictions.

Horoscope for the day says: When you take a step back and look at the grand scheme, you realize how much more there is to the situation than you initially realized. Dig deeper

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Also, just realized that long e-mail self sent to Paolo Javier’s student, who sent me panicky e-mail yesterday asking me all sorts of questions about seven-page story “Silence”, which their group was supposed to discuss in class today, did not actually get sent, actually got stored in hubby’s computer, and today, when hubby’s boss had to look at something on hubby’s laptop, up popped self’s e-mail, talking about how important it was for women to be liberated from evil and abusive relationships.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Cannot access self’s e-mail from here, for some reason. But know that Paolo’s students are aware of this blog. So, students, you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth: self did attempt to satisfy your curiosity about self, her background, her life and loves, but no go, it was simply not meant to be. Hope your group report went well.

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