Most cherished laptop is sick and had to be taken into emergency at Apple Store in Stanford Shopping Center. I mean, the laptop was so sick they wouldn’t even let me bring it home for one more day to prepare loyal blog readers; it had to go into surgery forthwith, borne away by two “geniuses” — and, I kid you not, this really is how they refer to their repair experts in the Apple Store: as geniuses. Steve Jobs, you’re such a card!

I had to bring the sick little thing to a counter called the “Genius Bar”. There, a girl with a sign saying “Genius” on her T-shirt came up to me, and she did look like a genius, as she had a pasty complexion and wore glasses (though could not determine whether or not she might be a Stanford grad).

She tried to entice me to go for the “Procare” service, which would mean advancing to the front of the repair queue (heard another genius ominously declare, “Five Procares in the pipe!”), but would cost me $99 per year. Still, such was my desperation that I actually felt my fingers begin crawling toward my credit card. At the last moment stopped, decided, NO! Perish the thought. Hubby would have a fit. Which helped immeasurably to steel my fortitude.

See, self wanted to explain, I am only a not-very-successful writer with a shark-like blog (there I go again, back to the “shark” reference. Blog, please forgive me)

Don’t worry, loyal blog readers. I will just go to the Redwood City Library every day to blog, such is my dedication to my loyal reading public.

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

Linh Dinh, Video Artist

Who knew, dear blog readers, who knew?

That Linh Dinh, who was with self in Berlin two years ago, reading at Southeast Asian Art Festival hosted by Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures, to you English-speakers out there), who self knows as an ace poet and short story writer, is also a video artist? Truly, the guy is a real renaissance man.

But, self opens her e-mail this morning (3:30 AM, wish it were not so, but there you have it) and there’s the man himself, telling me: If you want a few laughs, check out my artsy videos on YouTube

Which self did promptly, and self did laugh, and so, self would like to share the link to Linh Dinh’s Artsy Videos with loyal blog readers:


Will see it permanently, on “Other Sites of Interest”, from now on.

Enjoyment guaranteed.

John Cougar Mellencamp, You Are Genius!!!

And that is all self will say about the movie Fracture for the moment (which, in German, is Bruch because self inadvertently stumbled upon the translation of this website into German this morning, which self finds unutterably, unutterably cool. In fact, above headline, in German, is JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP, BIST DU GENIE!!! and now self feels like telling everyone, as often as self can: Bist du genie, bist du genie)

Anyway, was in movie bliss. To tell the truth, did not find Ryan Gosling all that handsome (looks a little bit like self’s nephew, the one from Virginia who’s now a freshman at Santa Clara: ladies, take note!), but said actor is engaging. And so was Anthony Hopkins playing creepy intellectual killer. And so good to see Embeth Davidtz in a movie again, even though she does spend most of it lying flat on her back in a coma. Her cop boyfriend looked a little bit like a young Billy Bob Thornton, or maybe a young Peter Gallagher –?

Was fun.

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