Happy Monday II

Just returned from xxxx community college, where self made the dismaying discovery that class which started out with 22 people is now reduced to 12. Self’s seat-of-the-pants style of teaching definitely not going over at 8 AM — ha ha ha ha ha!

It’s a very very very hot day. Self should have learned by now: never look a gift horse in the mouth. But self spent so much time last week and the week before bemoaning the unseasonably cold weather. Now, without further ado, it is hot. Not just hot, scorching hot. And now self has to drag her weary body out there and water. Hmmm, time to check out horoscope of the day.

Horoscope says: Listen to yourself.

Yes, yes, yeeees!!! That is precisely what self needs to hear! Self would like nothing better than to listen to self today! In fact, self is always being accused of doing so by Dearest Mum, hubby, brothers, almost everyone self knows, except for self’s students. Students are the only people who truly know that self never listens to self.

Oh what to do, what to do, on this blazing hot Monday, the first Monday in months where self does not have to teach an evening class? Self could write, answer e-mail, pore over the New York Times Book Review, which self hasn’t done in almost a month.

Self could also go see a movie which, now that self thinks about it, is something she failed to do last weekend, and weekend coming up is the one with Pinay Stories at SoMarts, so, most likely, will not have the energy to do more than one thing that weekend (aside from going to the Mountain View Farmers Market, of course).

Hmmm, let’s see, what’s showing in good ol’ Century Park 12 on Bayshore? Here are the choices:

    In The Land of Women — though so tempted, read some really bad reviews of this one.
    Perfect Stranger, which self just knows is bad, as Halle Berry’s agent seems unable to sniff out good scripts for her (other than the ones that have her showing off her body). Hello! When dear Halle approaches 50, will probably not be able to get away with shaking her booty any longer; is it too much, then, to expect that said actress’s agent or manager indulge in a little long-range planning here??? That is, if they have their client’s best interests at heart (if even J-Lo can branch out into clothing, after all — !)?
    Disturbia, which self has already seen, which featured Carrie Ann Moss as a depressed housewife and Shia LaBeouf as her depressed son and why does Shia get to make out with sexy next-door neighbor when self knows that in real life it would be more like, “Dream on, dude!”
    Then there is Grindhouse, which hubby has been longing exceedingly to see, as self believes he fancies himself starring in a Quentin Tarantino movie, in the Kurt Russell part perhaps, or maybe just any part that has him riding on a motorcycle. But it is three hours long, and self cannot see herself enduring three hours of such a movie.
    There is Lucky You, which has Drew Barrymore playing cute again, and this time she’s doing it with Eric Bana, but although self does think Drew Barrymore is exceedingly exceedingly cute, liked her best in Ever After, and after that there was that Adam Sandler movie in which she played a woman with no long-term memory, and just recently saw her in Music & Lyrics, in which she again played cute, and self thinks that is enough of the cute for the rest of the year.

Finally, there is Fracture!


Must rush to theatre, as this is undoubtedly the film self has been dying to see for weeks (ever since John Cougar Mellencamp so helpfully pointed out Ryan Gosling’s handsomeness). Hmmm, 15 minutes to movie start time? Perfect!

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

End of (1st May) Weekend Report

Frame of Mind: Excellent. Did not get to see Spiderman 3, but did many many other things more conducive to intellectual activity. Such as:

    Read the New York Times of May 3, decided will get tickets to ballet, either San Francisco Ballet’s production of “Don Quixote”, or Smuin Ballet’s “Carmina Burana.”
    Found out son is coming up for a quick visit, last weekend of May (Yay! Self expects to do loads and loads of laundry!)
    Gardened. Bore browned leaves of clematis “henryii” to kind folks at Redwood City Nursery, who surmised plant might be suffering from too much water (Amazing, when every other plant in our garden is suffering from the lack of). But, see, self has just discovered that hubby has developed attachment to profusely flowering clematis, and every day when he gets home from work, the man stands there with a hose, dumping gallons of water on it. This self discovered just last Friday. Truly, “strangled with love” is something self can appreciate.
    Self purchased three new plants and ditched two that seemed to be doing poorly. Yes, self heartlessly dug them right out of the ground and threw them in the trash: alpinia zerumbet “variegata”, also known as ginger plant; and achillea “Moonshine”. Plants purchased: a climbing hydrangea which self is very excited to plant, and something called “Reeves Skimmia” which name suddenly reminds self of erstwhile fascination with actor Keanu Reeves; and an abutilon pictum “Thompsonii” (what’s with the double i’s in so many of these scientific names!), otherwise known as Chinese bellflower, from plant lady at Mountain View Farmers Market. Bought it because it had pale orange flowers, veined with red (Gorgeous!)
    Ate brunch at Breaker’s Café on Saturday, Laurel Street Café this morning (pounds gained: about five)
    Walked around San Carlos Fine Arts Festival, saw many beautiful paintings and gorgeous photographs of natural beauty of this area and abroad.
    Watched Eberts & Roeper; guest is a woman again (yay!), a reporter from Associated Press. She likes Nicole Kidman in Fur. Never mind. They replay segment where John Cougar Mellencamp describes Ryan Gosling in Fracture as “very handsome.” (OK, I get it already! I’ll see it next weekend!)

    Here are the top three movies of the weekend, according to fave website Box Office Mojo:

      1. Spiderman 3 of course (Unfortunately will never see, as find Kirsten Dunst quite limp as leading lady)
      2. Disturbia (Self is totally disturbed by this finding)
      3. Fracture (Wow! Maybe a lot of people watched John Cougar Mellencamp give this film a “thumbs up”!)
    Uploaded materials for UCLA Extension on-line class (relief!), only thing left to load is syllabus, but will do that after dinner.
    Also, have nearly finished grading ALL papers for English 1C. YAAAYY!

And now, dinner of “torta”, and piece of carrot cake hubby purchased from bakery on Laurel Street in San Carlos (whose name used to be Vivaldi’s, and now is called something like Chocolate Mousse, though self always calls it Vivaldi’s).

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

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