(April) Weekend Status Report

Horoscope for the day: Seek balance.

Which advice self actually managed to implement today, since self accompanied hubby in walking the dogs (Gracie absolutely ballistic at sight of other four-legged creatures, lunging and snarling as if she’d forgotten she was only knee-high). Thoroughly enjoyed looking at neighbors’ gardens, at this time of year a veritable palette of profusely blooming roses, azaleas, lilies, what-have-you.

Weather was gorgeous!

Had dimsum at China Village in Belmont, and overdid it by ordering two kinds of beef tripe (the white and the brown), various dumplings, AND a plate of combination chow mein.

Now, grading papers and wondering what sort of week awaits.

As far as self can discern, this early in the quarter, only two potentially troublesome students in English class at xxxx community college: One is a boy who seemed very nice during first two classes, who won my sympathy by informing self he had a full-time job in the Emergency Room at Stanford Hospital, but who has recently taken to chuckling in the back and talking to his seatmates while self is talking; another is Miss Bangkok with the British accent, who told me last week that class discussion went around and around in circles and seemed to accomplish nothing. Lied and told her self was so impressed with her perfect English upon which she softened, shook self’s hand (!!), and said her parents both spoke English with an American accent (Then why is hers British, self wondered?). No awful e-mail yet, except maybe for one from Asian student (it’s always the Asian student who asks) who says she simply must know what grade I predict she will get for the course. Self e-mails that she cannot possibly tell her until after the midterms. Student will probably drop.

Today, rented DVD Smokin’ Aces. Very amusing, got to see Alicia Keys playing hot hit-woman, and the girl who played that affecting hooker in Hustle and Flow, playing her hit-woman partner. Jeremy Piven very good as coked-up sad-sack FBI informant, Jason Bateman hilarious as man who hires trio (which included Ben Affleck) to apprehend Jeremy. Was longing to see Ben show off some of his acting chops (as self knows they are there somewhere, just under-utilized), but he got killed off after what felt like 15 minutes. Almost the best thing about movie was young Ryan Reynolds, who is tall and slim and looks good playing an FBI agent. Have only seen him in one previous movie, a (silly) romantic comedy. Think the guy ought to tell his manager to find another FBI agent role for him, pronto. Also, liked Lake Tahoe setting, had no idea there were so many wild characters in the vicinity.

Today, on Eberts & Roeper, guest reviewer was — John Cougar Mellencamp??? Who looked marginally better than he did in last photo self saw of him, in a People magazine of a few months ago. John gave thumbs-up to everything (even to Vacancy) and Roeper looked impatient. Also, John wants everyone to know that he thinks Ryan Gosling (in Fracture, which opened this weekend) is very handsome. Which self thought was sweet.

Let’s see, what else?

Hubby watched Lakers vs. Suns; Suns won, which was nice.

Now, flipping back and forth between Golden State vs. Dallas (Golden State leading — yay) and Yankees vs. Red Sox (Boston leading).

Have just finished dinner, feel quite satiated. Cough much improved. Weather forecast: no rain for at least the next couple of days.

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

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