Back from Honolulu: It’s a Terrible Day

Plane from Honolulu gets in at 6:03 AM, have 8 AM class. Was late, of course. Greeted by irate Dean at door to classroom. Hey, hey, what else is going to happen today – – –

Gave students outline of plans for the coming week. After class dismissed, walked to Admin building to drop off class roster.

Hey, a man said, Did you hear? 22 dead at Virginia Tech.

I did not know this man from Adam. What a gimp, I thought.

Then, one of the staffers I knew turned and said, It’s true. And I noticed a little knot of people gathered in front of a computer terminal, everyone peering at the screen.

What, it’s true? I said.

Yes, the staffer said. It’s true.

Went home. Read e-mail from Dean, a reprimand for being “absent without leave.” Should have called in sick instead of rushing from airport like a madwoman. Neck aching tremendously. Watered backyard, nine buckets. Switched on TV. Amazingly, self had forgotten about the Virginia Tech news but now saw that instead of “Judge Alex” on KTVU, the president of Virginia Tech was speaking to a crowd of reporters, and the banner at the bottom of the screen said: 31 dead at Virginia Tech.

And I couldn’t, just couldn’t believe it, and I tried and tried to call son at Cal Poly, because he is the RA in charge of one of the freshman dorms and the news must be causing some consternation there, and I could not reach him.

End of Week/ Trip Report

Three hours more till self gets dropped off at Honolulu airport.

Just finished viewing movie “Infamous“, with Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, and Daniel Craig (four out of five stars: Daniel Craig tremendous as killer Perry Smith)

Imbibed today: typical Hawaiian breakfast at Zippy’s (two eggs over easy, Portuguese sausage, two scoops of white rice)

Bought: three vintage Hawaiian note cards ($5 for 2)

Ate lots and lots of Filipino food. Today, for lunch: huge halo-halo at Max’s Fried Chicken in Waipahu.

Sold: all my books (excellent)

Bought: 4 boxes of chocolate-covered Macadamia nuts; one T-shirt (from Coffee Talk Coffee House in Kaimuki) for son; 1 14-oz. pack salted macadamia nuts; 1 8 oz. package mixed almond and pumpkin crunch (for airplane); 1 8 oz. bottle finely ground rock salt w/ garlic, cilantro; 1 book (from the Goodwill on Waialae Ave.): 365 Tao by Deng Ming-Dao (99 cents); 4 10-oz. vacuum-packed packages of Kona Coffee (2 dark roast) from Hilo Hattie’s at Ala Moana Center

E-mails to students: various

Taken for a ride: only once (not bad)

Buses taken: 3 (#2, #4, #13 to Chinatown and back)

Trolley rides: 2 (to DFK Galleria from the Ala Moana Center)

Friends made : maybe four or five ? (good, better than average)

Average hours of sleep a night: 4 1/2

Number of solid introductions vs. “so-so” : two out of two (excellent)

Number of business cards exchanged: 7

Tchismis sessions: one (very long, hours)

Sightseeing: Nu’uanu Pali, Filipino Community Center (Waipahu), Kalihi, Chinatown (very brief, mostly North Hotel Street, numerous speak-easies)

Weather: mostly balmy, occasional rainshowers

Late-night reading material: still Best American Short Stories 2005, no new stories worth mentioning, am on third to last story, by Tim Pratt (“Hart and Boot”), beginning very promising (Man emerges from hole “covered in dirt from head to toe, naked except for a pair of better-than-average boots”)

Pounds gained: (probably) many

State of Mind: sluggish but improving

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