Honolulu: Day Two

Plan for the day, dear blog readers, is: Do not eat.

Am afraid overdid it again yesterday, what with yummy lomi and laulau and haupia, but in the midst of composing this most excellent post, catch self already formulating plan to return to Ono Hawaiian Foods on Kapahulu Ave and have meal before panel begins this afternoon (!!@@##)

Plan # 1, to find a way to get connected to internet, was readily accomplished (with only a short walk — which afforded self the opportunity to go exploring around University of Hawaii campus, where happened upon several pagoda-like structures nestled among trees, and a very pretty Japanese garden, where self was beset by mosquitoes who fed ravenously on self’s bare calves) by 5 PM.

Plan # 2, to attend panel with Joi Barrios, was unfortunately not accomplished, but self made up for that this morning by reading up on aforementioned author, and got to listen to audio of very funny poem called “Yankee Doodle Goes to War.” Zack told self she, too, was staying at Lincoln Hall, but apparently no longer, she is now staying somewhere on Waikiki. Well, will meet her this afternoon, as we are on the same panel (Speaking of which, have not planned what self is going to say, know my assigned topic is something to do with the “visibility or invisibility” of the Filipino American writer, thank goodness Zack said we each have only 10 minutes, just as well not to “over-prepare” –!)

Today, Plan # 4 (Plan # 3, as have already mentioned, is to refrain from eating, if possible) is: FIND COFFEE, ASAP. You see, self was up at 4 AM, looking up tours on the web (one-day round-trip to Kauai only $73!). Since it was 7 AM in California, that’s not so bad. Slept at 11 PM, California time (8 PM here), so actually that’s, like, eight hours sleep, which is about double the number of sleep hours self has been getting nightly, the past two weeks.

Unfortunately, in spite of long sleep, self still feels like she wants to sleep some more, and wonder if this is weather-induced (heat), or due to other environmental factors (ceiling fan, birds trilling outside window, distance from xxxxx community college), or due to advancing age.

Dearest Mum did also complain about feeling tired all the time — unfortunately, her “tiredness” was nowhere in evidence during her last visit, as she was on mad carousel of shopping, calling niece, dining with niece, etc. etc. and it was self who felt as if she would keel over, especially after last dinner when Dearest Mum and titas were in Milagros and niece and self were in A Tavola and getting the two groups together required Herculean re-arrangement, actually involved waiters from Milagros carting food from Dearest Mum’s table to A Tavola, and witnessing famished Mum and tita devouring burritos so that when A Tavola waitress brought menus, no one was hungry. But, I digress.

So nice to glance outside window and see there a huge green hill, and, as self told Zack yesterday, place feels sleepy, like Bacolod, where self used to spend summers as a child. “Hawaii is a nice place to grow up in, and you come back here to die,” Zack said. Presume he meant this is not a place for someone who wants to feel connected to the larger world. But, on Kapahulu Avenue yesterday, saw Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipino, African American and assorted races just going about their business, and self thought that was very nice, was actually reassuring. A man stood bare-chested on his balcony, reciting and making supplications to heaven with upraised arms. Zack observed man had a nice physique, but, “crazy on meth, probably,” he added.

In spite of coming from place also known for its “diversity”, feel San Francisco is not really diverse, as groups live in sharply demarcated areas, as witness Chinatown, Japantown, Daly City (Filipino-town), Oakland (African American), etc. etc. And, mostly, groups do not overlap. (Oh, there is also a very white San Francisco, which probably includes Shorensteins and everyone who attends those fab parties chronicled in The SF Chronicle).

OK, OK, enough already with the sage comparisons. Almost 7:30 AM, reception desk is open, will inquire as to COFFEE!

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

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