Letter from M. Evelina Galang

Dear Ileana Ros-Lehtinen,

I have been a resident in your district for five years. Earlier this month, I wrote to you about House Res. 121. I have started a petition to House Speaker Pelosi. It began as a petition of support from the American people, but has quickly turned into an international document of support for Surviving Comfort Women of WWII. In two weeks we have gathered 1096 international citizens who demand the Japanese government take responsiblity for their past actions.

I understand you are on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. I urge you to support House Res. 121.

As a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar in 2001, I explored the stories and the lives of former Filipina Comfort Women of WWII, going with women to their sights of abduction and to the garrisons they where they were held for weeks, months and years, suffering under the Japanese Imperial Army’s systematic raping and enslavement of young Filipinas. I have had the honor of getting to know 14 women and their families and have seen the effects that experience has made on their lives.

The recent remarks and false apology of Prime Minister Abe demontrate that he has not heard or understood the impact WWII and his army have made on these women’s lives. It is unacceptable.

I’d like to offer my help and research to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, should you need it, to better understand the struggles of all 200,000 women taken hostage during WWII.

I invite you to visit the blog I have set up in support of the Comfort Women: Labanforthelolas.blogspot.com and to view the ongoing petition at any time: http://www.gopetition.com/online/11466.html.

M. Evelina Galang
Assistant Professor, English
University of Miami

PS: United States citizens reading this post, please write your Congressperson and ask him or her to research the stories and to support House Res. 121. Do it for the women in your family. Do it for the lolas. Click the link under Activate Your Pen to find your representative’s contact information. Thanks!

End of Weekend Status Report

Verdict on Weekend Just Ended: Not bad

Hubby finally affixed faux-Tiffany hanging lamp (ordered last November yet) over dining room table. We are fascinated by the way light shines through the multi-colored glass, and keep lamp on all day.

Son happy with new laptop; drove back to SLO last night laden with leftovers from mother of all barbecues, accompanied by best friend Nick, who arrived 7:30 PM with his Dad after spending three hours stuck in massive traffic jam going over Bay Bridge (Nick lives in Vallejo). Invited both to stay for dinner, but Nick’s Dad declined, drove straight back (heroic).

Saw Dearest Mum this morning. Was supposed to meet Dearest Mum, Tita, and three cousins at Mimi’s in Foster City, but hubby wanted to get going at 9, Dearest Mum wanted to wait until niece G woke up (niece arrived 4 AM today from spring break in Dominican Republic); we decided to go ahead and have breakfast by ourselves.

Food at Mimi’s atrocious. Self ordered chocolate chip-banana pancakes: arrived four very thin, very brown pancakes topped with a cup of what looked like NestlĂ©’s toll-house chips, and a cup of Redi-whipp. Hubby ordered “fresh” lemonade, touted on menu — when said drink arrived, hubby took one sip and grimaced: “fresh” was actually concentrate. Was so glad did not have to endure this with Dearest Mum, would have intensified agony of the experience. (Dearest Mum this morning met us at door of Fave Tito’s house, attired in tight vermilion blouse with plentiful view of bony chest; also, thick eyeliner. Grabbed stuff we delivered to her — towels and eyeglass case she’d forgotten in our house yesterday — then said, without further ado: Good-bye! Wondered if she were still peeved because did not pick up niece G, but do not intend to be taxi service between Dearest Mum and niece, even if DM did pay half of cost of son’s new laptop — !!)

Watched Eberts & Roeper: “Grindhouse” OK; “The Lookout” good (kudos to Jeff Daniels for once again turning out Oscar-worthy best-supporting performance); “What Love Is” bad; split vote on “Blades of Glory” (trailer very funny, though — ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

Tonight, no Rome (sad). Hubby inquires if self wants him to tape The Tudors with pretty-boy Jonathan Rhys-Meyers playing a pouty Henry VIII. No thanks.

While watching Eberts & Roeper, hubby and self shared bag of chicharon. Hubby asks if we should make our regular weekend run to Peet’s, but feel a cold coming on, declined. Got into pajamas at 5 PM — bliss.

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