Some Things I Have Learned From Going Around Yesterday With Dearest Mum

She uses Clarins but is open to trying new things, as witness half-hour spent at La Mer counter in Neiman-Marcus.

Her doctor (Doctora Uy) loves antiques.

Niece Blanca is turning 13 and needs training bras (Very disappointing that Victoria’s Secret does not carry).

Dearest Mum loves milkshakes! (Finished almost foot-high glass of “extra-thick” strawberry milkshake at Peninsula Creamery in Stanford Shopping Center)

Dearest Mum loves hubby’s steaks! (Kept asking for “a little more” at dinner last night, then ended up inviting Fave Tito, Fave Tita and all their children and grandchildren — I’d say about 20 people — to our house for hubby to barbecue for, this Saturday)

Dearest Mum has forgotten that we were supposed to go to Carmel this Saturday, as son is returning to Cal Poly and the plan was to accompany him part of the way down.

Dearest Mum always professes interest in books self is reading, provided her with three at start of her trip, she returned all to me last night, unread.

Edwards Luggage has very nice business card holders. The ones from Italy are $35 each.

Tiffany sells a silver crucifix on a thin chain, perfect for a 13-year-old, only $150 (also, sterling silver bracelet with a heart — $195)

Papyrus sells very nice lined journals, also perfect for a 13-year-old: $12.95. Also sells Crane’s stationery, but no open stock.

Neiman Marcus no longer carries stationery or playing cards. There are some very beautiful porcelain fishes on the third floor, next to cafe: $495 each.

Dearest Mum thinks Bebe store is nice.

Dearest Mum has a “lucky” green lizardskin wallet, which she says she will bequeath to me at end of her trip, if she remembers. Self inquires (dense) why wallet is lucky; Dearest Mum winks, whispers: “Because it is always full of cash.”

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