Strange But True II

Rained, Boo.

Saw movie Amazing Grace, about British abolitionist William Wilberforce. Thought it was a very earnest movie, and movie’s two-hour run time not unpleasant, only fell asleep in parts where actor playing William Pitt was talking.

Century Park 12 on Bayshore now looks decrepit, quaint, recommend preservation as a museum, always succumb to fond nostalgia when spying geometric circles on carpet, the Starcade where son spent hours and hours of time when he was in grade school and high school.

Other observations:

* Ioan Gruffudd is indeed cute, wish he would forebear from ridiculous forays into popcorn fare with Fantastic Four franchise.

* Toby Jones (last seen in The Painted Veil, which as loyal blog readers know is my favorite movie OF ALL TIME) wonderful as usual, as Duke of Clarence; and Rufus Sewell (last seen in The Illusionist, which as loyal blog readers know is my SECOND favorite movie of all time) wonderful, too, in colorful, scene-chewing performance as “Jacobite” (I forget the character’s name in the movie; was not a member of royalty, obviously, and had strange hair vaguely reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s do in Willie Wonka movie)

* Romola Garai displays commendable versatility by donning garb of different historical period (yes, indeed-y, it’s the same actress who plays wonderfully saucy wife of Octavian in Rome)

Anyway, hurried home, checked mail (Any more rejections today? Yesterday came letter from Yaddo, in wonderfully stiff language informing me that selection panel had just forwarded to program administrator names of artists recommended for residency, and “unfortunately your name was not on the list.” So, it’s like, you’re not really rejected? Because all it says is your name wasn’t on the list of recommended? Or does that mean you’re rejected? And I wonder why it took me 20 years to get up the nerve to apply? When this was the result? And I know it’s no use applying again? Because in self’s case, once I’m rejected once, I try again and again and again and it gets ridiculous because it’s always no no no — ? But, I digress)

In the mail was only this one thing: a flyer from Manila F.A.M.E. International. Flyer is addressed to “Mr. Simeori De”, which is half of my husband’s real name, minus the “ri” and replacing those with an “n”. It calls him the Sales Manager of Jimbo Corp. of Redwood City, California.

I am led to cast my mind back into mists of time. Vaguely recall that at one time, during period of extreme joblessness and restlessness, hubby hit on the idea of becoming importer of handmade goods from the Philippines. Which dear mother-in-law shipped to us in huge boxes that cost more than the items therein.

Said items, dear reader, are still in the trunk of hubby’s car. Have been there for the last three years. Yes, indeed-y, have often wondered why he was carting them around, unless he fancied taking a break from office duties and showing them to officemates, perhaps attempting to make quick buck on the side (See these lovely parols? Would look smashing in your garden! Only $15!)

So, anyway, flip open brochure, and apparently there is a big, and I mean BIG design show happening in Manila (“Asia’s Best Design Destination!”) on April 16 – 20. Hmm, exhibitors will be offered:

    Welcome Reception Team at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport!
    Complimentary Taxi Service from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport to the Fair Venues!
    A Secretariat Counter!

Manila is described, breathlessly, thus:

By day, it hums with the bustle of commerce, and by night, throbs with the excitement of varied, high-class entertainment.

Entry Regulations: Valid passport. Except for stateless persons and those from countries which the Philippines has no diplomatic relations with, all visitors may enter the country without visas, and stay for 21 days, provided they have tickets to onward journey. Holders of Hong Kong and Taiwan passports must have special permits.

(I wonder what a “stateless person” is? Because that sounds indeed very bad.)

A quick roundup of the most stylish places where Manilenos eat, drink, shop, and unwind up to the wee hours of the morning. These are for curious souls wanting to explore Manila . . . Afterhours.


Ang Bistro sa Remedios: 1911 M. Adriatico Street, Remedios Circle

Ang Hang: 1900 M. Adriatico Street, Remedios Circle

Cafe Adriatico Premiere: 1790 M. Adriatico Street, Remedios Circle

Cafe Havana Malate: 1903 M. Adriatico Street, Remedios Circle

I’m pretty tired of typing Remedios Circle, so I think I’ll move on to a different part of the city . . .


About Design: Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3

Ayala Museum: Makati Avenue corner De La Rosa Street, Greenbelt Park

Firma: Ground Floor, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center

Wait a minute! These are not restaurants! Places in which the curious can explore . . . Afterhours!

Will have to stop here, dear blog reader. But best parts of brochure have already been imparted above. More later šŸ™‚

What Time Is It? Time to Relaaax!

Hard to believe that self hasn’t posted anything since — last night!

Wound up today with exactly $7 in my wallet, after paying $43 to the drycleaner and $5 at Nak’s Oriental Market in Menlo Park for two packets of Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup Mix and 1 package of Calbee’s Shrimp Chips (my lunch).

OK, so I taught six straight hours today. Even though this quarter my students love me (!!@@) am badly in need of a re-charge. Horoscope for today: It’s time to let yourself go and relax!

Was in effervescent mood today. Topic for discussion in English 1A: arguments for and against legalization of marijuana. Imparted to students interesting nugget of information picked up from last week’s New Yorker: Robert Mitchum, star of many a Hollywood noir movies, was a heavy marijuana smoker. That famous heavy-lidded gaze, that slurred speech? That wasn’t acting, I tell them. That was the man getting high!

Students want to know what film noir is. Obligingly name several examples of movies: The Postman Always Rings Twice; The Usual Suspects. No one challenges me on the first, but at mention of the second, Sean M protests, “Wait! That isn’t noir!” And I go, “So what! I’m the teacher!” (WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME? Must be spring fever — !!)

And — $7 just enough to catch a movie matinee tomorrow, hurrah!

Following, a list of movies under consideration:

    Showing at Menlo Park’s Guild: The Lives of Others (Matinee at 2:30)
    Showing at Century Park 12 (Bayshore Blvd., Redwood City): Music and Lyrics (Matinee at 1:20 PM)
    And — OH MY GOD!! Premonition is showing??!! I love Sandra Bullock! Who so does not look her age! (though niece strenuously disagrees): Matinee (at Century Park 12) rather early, though: 11:40 AM, may still be in writing mode.
    Finally, in Aquarius: The Namesake and Starter For 10. The Namesake has Kal Penn acting serious. Starter for 10 has James McAvoy playing preppy. No question: Starter for 10.

Stay tuned, dear blog reader, stay tuned.

In other developments, Dearest Mum called me four times today from Las Vegas, to check whether I was a “Size 2.” No, Mom, I told her the first time: am closer to 8. Naturally, she then called three more times just to hear me say it (OK, enough already! I know SHE’S a Size 2, har har har! Isn’t that a card? My Mum’s smaller than me!)

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