President’s Day

It’s the last day of the three-day weekend, weather’s gorgeous, hubby’s outside gardening. I have a large pile of student papers next to me on the sofa, waiting to be graded, as what else am I supposed to be doing on this holiday afternoon? As soon as hubby finishes working in the backyard we’re going to watch The Departed, which we rented from Blockbuster this morning after returning Mission Impossible: III.

Breakfast at Vic’s in San Carlos, the yummiest raisin French toast. Then, dropped by the local Barnes & Noble (the only bookstore in dear old RWC), browsed through a fascinating Garcia Marquez memoir, Living To Tell the Tale.

Hubby has come in panting from his exertions, announces he has picked up 72 turds and 94 oranges. If this is supposed to make me feel guilty because I’m sitting here posting trivia on my blog, well–!!! But, since will probably have to log off and do wife-ly duty in backyard (planting hyacinth bulbs, for instance, bulbs I bought in November), let me just post my list of the

10 MOVIES I ENJOYED MOST IN 2006 (in the order in which I viewed them):

Disclaimer: Still haven’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth, Venus, or Half Nelson

Brick (Five stars for Joseph Gordon-Levitt!)

The Lake House (What can I say, I’ve always had a soft spot for Keanu and Sandy. Saw this in the Philippines, where huge theatre was absolutely packed. Towards the end, heard sounds of scattered sniffling which, I don’t know about you but, always adds hugely to my enjoyment, as it is always comforting to know one is not alone in being reduced to blubbering jell-o at prospect of lead actor’s imminent demise–!!)

The Descent (great acting by Filipina babe, Natalie Mendoza)

United 93 (a great film, period)

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (My students at xxxx community college are of the opinion that this film was stupid. But I thought it was brilliant!)

The Illusionist (Nice job, Edward N, Jessica B, Rufus S, and Paul G!)

The Departed (Nice job, Leo DC, Mark W, Matt D, Jack N, Martin S!)

Casino Royale (with a James Bond to die for!)

The Painted Veil (What can I say, I go for shmaltz! Especially when it’s set in China!)

Children of Men (a great, absolutely shattering movie, with a great performance by Michael Caine as an old hippie and perhaps the last happy man on the planet)

I had to stop at 10, but there’s one other movie that gets an honorable mention: Spike Lee’s Inside Man (featuring yummy Clive Owen and Jodie Foster in the highest stiletto heels I have ever seen on film)


For the second time this year (and the year is still very, very young), San Francisco has shown less-than-hospitable treatment to visiting out-of-towners. First there was the assault on that Yale singing group, in which one of the singers suffered a concussion and another a dislocated jaw, an assault for which no one was charged because, according to the San Francisco chief of police, there were no witnesses.

Then, poor old Elie Wiesel gets mugged in a San Francisco hotel elevator by a man who claims that Wiesel’s memoir of his Holocaust experience, Night, “was almost wholly fictitious.”


At least, there’s a $500,000 reward offered for the man who assaulted Wiesel.

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