Rain, Jane, Dinner w/ Niece, Reception w/ David

Today, did nothing except read Jane Eyre and try to get past the first XVII chapters. But every time I tried to read a little more this afternoon, my eyes would inevitably close and I’d find myself catching some ZZZZs.

Damn that woman and her endless insecurities over Blanche Ingram! Why must I be condemned to destroying my eyesight while reading the dense narrative of the progress of her infatuation? (“He made me love him without looking at me.”). Since Wednesday have only managed to read 50 pages, and have another fifty to go by Monday’s class.

Tonight, attending (with niece) a reception for David Henry Hwang (Class of ’79) at Stanford Faculty Club. Thought it might be fun, especially as niece is into theatre, actually wrote a one-act during her first quarter at Stanford. Apparently Hwang is going to be workshopping a new play, Yellow Face, at Stanford, prior to its premiere in LA in April. Got the invitation to the reception a few weeks ago, probably got sent to all the “Stanford Pacific American Alumni”, I know how these databases work. Envision mad crush at reception. Lucky if we even get within a yard of Mr. Hwang.

So, niece texts to ask if we might have dinner before the reception. I never say no. First of all, I can’t forget that niece turned down Brown, University of Chicago, Reed, Claremont, and who knows what other schools to come to Stanford “because of you, Tita,” she e-mailed.

So, in a few hours, have to put down the Jane Eyre and start getting ready. Because of my big mouth (and also because have been quite enamored of TPV movie, in which Ed Norton demands that Naomi Watts follow him to cholera-ridden village in China “to cheer and comfort” him), promised hubby would leave dinner out for him. Drat!

Have to get a move on, because, in spite of the rain, I am determined to accomplish any number of errands before I actually have to start cooking hubby’s dinner: such as, post office, dry cleaner’s. Hope Mr. Hwang is as I remember him, from all those years ago, when I approached him out of the blue about contributing a blurb for my first book, Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila, and he then called me several times to talk about how his mother knew mine (!!@@). Really, life is so mysterious …

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