The Third Most Gorgeous Day etc. etc.

Watching the Food Network, which is my most favorite thing to do when I want to avoid grading papers. Right now, show is The Barefoot Contessa. Just before this, the De Laurentiis girl was on. Feel strange fondness for this petite woman who I have seen in earlier incarnations looking lost in white chef’s togs at French culinary school. The other day, browsing on the web, read some mean remarks about her rather too prominent jaw and the fact that her necklines seem to be going lower and lower. But today she was primly covered up, don’t know what that blogger was talking about.

These are the activities I engaged in today:

    Went to San Carlos Public Library to borrow book on Thomas Edison and his support of the electric chair (book was not available in RWC library)
    Watched rented video of The Illusionist, as am on a real Edward Norton kick here. Wondering whether to watch Independent Spirit Awards, as heard he is up for a Best Actor Award for The Painted Veil (but tired of award shows in general; the last one, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, were a crashing bore, left after the Julie Andrews Lifetime Achievement thing, though I have nothing but admiration for this actress).

(Of course, phone, which has been silent all day, has in the last half hour not stopped ringing; also, very persistent knocker surfaced mid-afternoon, kept up an insistent tattoo on the door, annoyed me with familiarity of insistent knocking so did not open up, even though it may have been a neighbor with important news such as: Gracie escaped from the side yard — but no, I don’t think so, as she was right beside me howling)

    Went to Whole Foods again; this time purchased two avocados ($1.50 each, but certifiably organic), freshly grated Parmesan cheese ($4.39), certified organic wheat English muffins ($2.99), and three pears ($1.99 a lb.) Could not manage to cough up $3.99 for two Chinese eggplants, even though they had the most beautiful lavender color. Took me an hour to purchase said items, as I don’t know where anything is in that store, even though I hang out there almost every other day.
    Came home, took call from annoyingly chirpy receptionist of periodontist, wanted to put off seeing them until March but was told have to come in soon.
    Received e-mail from first cousin in New York who announces he is getting re-married in June. In my reply, nearly addressed him as “Mike”– good thing double-checked his e-mail and saw he had signed off as “Miguel.” Girl is, according to aunts, ever-so-smart (and rich, they assert with great pride) and furthermore is “of French blood”(??@@!!) Since information was delivered in mass e-mail, checked to see in what order my name appeared and saw I was fourth from the end, not bad. Definitely will send wedding present.

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