Plan for the Day: TV, TV, TV, TV

Hmmm, still haven’t figured out how to teach Women’s Lit class, started banging out handout after handout yesterday (before proceeding to Pasta Moon in Half Moon Bay, where got *slightly* tipsy on Italian merlot and fab 10-year-old port), but looking them over in cold of very early morning, think students are going to think I’m crazy.

We’re supposed to discuss Mary Shelley as a science fiction writer. Why’d I do that? Now can’t remember. Especially as I’ve already gotten e-mail from three students (out of a class of eight!) giving me various reasons for not showing up to class: one, a death in the family, am pretty sure will be the last I see of that one. The one student who seems actually engaged with material is, surprisingly, lone male.

Also, trying to figure out best way to shlep piles of books up four flights of stairs — students did not take kindly to seeing me drag myself in, panting, last week. Must go early this time, if possible half an hour before class, and then gather myself together. Will be quite a trick, since I’m coming straight from three-hour class at xxxxx community college, where am expecting more run-ins with Princess of Los Altos.

Oh well! Perhaps as a result of mad, hyper, lesson planning yesterday, neck is a veritable killer this morning. Very interesting reading, though: found out from Spy that those little gadgets in James Bond, the ones Q is endlessly passing over to a nonchalant 007, really do exist, as witness following description of camera in a cigarette lighter, handed over to Russian informer by CIA officer:

The CIA camera, known as a tropel, was tube-shaped, with the lens at the opposite end from the flint. The specially designed lens was not much bigger than a dime. Yuzhin smoked, so a cigarette lighter would not be expected to arouse suspicion. The device actually worked, if only briefly, as a lighter… The special film would allow . . . ninety pictures.

Let’s see, what else? We didn’t watch The Last King of Scotland yesterday. Instead, we rented The Illusionist and I treated myself to more delish views of Ed Norton’s amazingly high forehead. Love interest this time was Jessica Biel, who was excellent as she was not Scarlett Johansson.

This evening, preparing for major TV watching marathon:

    Stanford men’s basketball vs. UCLA on Fox at 5 (briefly debated trying to score tickets for this one, as game is being played in Maples, but hubby positive all tickets are sold out)
    Screen Actors Guild Awards on TNT at 8 (hoping for more EN sightings!)
    Rome on HBO at 9
    Battlestar Galactica on SciFi at 10

Bliss, bliss, bliss.

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