How We Spent Christmas 2006

“Yes, we are overweight, but our food is just too damn good.” — letter from reader in Louisiana to Vanity Fair

In the spirit of “who gives a hoot how much I weigh?”, here is a run-down of what I’ve ingested so far:

Yesterday, dim sum

Since Sunday, 18 pieces of assorted polvoron, half a dozen “two-cheese” ensaymada

Scharffen Berger cocoa drinks — Actually managed to follow directions on the back and produce a drinkable product. (Hubby, after one sip: “Wow! Is this chocolate from Germany?” Me: “Lemme see. Nope, it’s from Berkeley, California.”)

(Approximate weight gain: 5 lbs.)

Lest you think the holidays are all about eating — which they aren’t, of course, loyal blog reader, though I wouldn’t complain if they were — let me add the following:

Sang “Come, All Ye Faithful” and “Silent Night” in wispy tremolo for first time in something like 10 years

Took pictures of all the Christmas ornaments on our tree (about 80 of them) using digital camera (which paid too much for in Hong Kong last summer), was so excited about having finally figured out how to take “close-up” pictures on “macro” setting mode, one of 15 options on the “Scene” menu (!!!)

Son gave me a journal! Best of all, it is BLANK! (Unwrapped beautiful maroon box, saw son’s eager shining face, was thinking deep down, Now if it’s LINED — but how would he know this — I can’t use it. But, never fear: son, aside from being a Psychology major, turns out to have been a pretty close observer of his mom’s journal-writing propensities — journal was satisfyingly BLANK.)

Gave hubby gift certificate to local business of choice, Peet’s Coffee, and the hugest, most terrifying bottle of Patron tequila it has ever been my privilege to lug home from K & L Liquors.

Gave son, in addition to said Barnes & Noble gift certificate, a surprise — a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant, which he can use TOMORROW (today we are having dimsum yet again, with old Sacred Heart chums Phil Y. and his mom) with his pals.

Bella and Gracie got nothing but an excellent walk.

Storm is coming, but have stocked up on DVDs — Gladiator (hubby’s fave movie of all time, will admit Russell is amazingly believable in it) and Miami Vice: the Movie (starring Colin Farrell, who I never liked in any movie before this).

So, happy-happy joy-joy, happy-happy joy-joy . . .