Home, Sweet Home– NOT!

The Gods, dear blog reader, have not been kind.

As my Daily Horoscope says: “Something that seems settled suddenly changes direction.”

Or, to put it another way: “You’ve got to learn to take your lumps.”

Or, fond platitude: “You’ve got to take the bad with the good.”

Which is just another way of saying that when hubby and I returned from nice Thanksgiving break with son in San Luis Obispo– what?

Was the brand-new flat-screen HDTV missing? (No.)

Had the plants and flowers expired? (Almost, but not quite.)

Was Gracie terribly traumatized by being boarded at the San Carlos Pet Hospital, site of her mastectomy, for three days? (No, she was spoiled with fluffy blankets and walked twice a day, quite a big improvement over at home, where we remember to walk her once a week, if she’s lucky …)

No, even worse than all of these– we could not log on to the Internet.

First, I tried, for something like four hours, in a tizzy over the very important messages I must have been missing.

Nothing. Then, after I passed out exhausted on the couch, hubby roused himself from the USC/ Notre Dame game and tried, for the next four hours, exhausting both himself and myself and I tell you there’s nothing pretty, dear blog reader, about our arguments when we are both at the point of exhaustion.

So then I called AT & T Internet service and got a series of Filipinas — I kid you not; I know exactly when a Filipina answers the phone, no matter how fluid the English. In fact, said nice Filipinas at AT & T Customer Service seemed to recognize moi as Filipina as well, and then wanted to ask me a series of questions, to wit:

How long have you been living in the States?
Do you like it there?
Where is your house?

And to all I had to bite my tongue to keep from uttering: Just fix my internet service, damn it!

Well, the next day dawned bright and clear, and– no internet service.

Instead, when we picked up the line that we use for our computer connection, we now heard, at all hours of the day and night– the KNBR sports station. Yes, I could pick up the receiver at any time of the day or night and find out who won the Gonzaga/ North Carolina or Stanford/ Rutgers basketball games. I could rattle off the scores to this or that football game and find out exactly how many yards passing Tony Roma had thrown for the Dallas Cowboys. Yes, all this information courtesy of our phone, which I could pick up at any time of the day or night and listen, as to an oracle, while the announcer did a play-by-play. (And why, of all things, a SPORTS radio station– why not something like NPR?)

Why, God, why?

Which is why I’m now in the reference room of the Redwood City Library, letting our dinner burn (May hubby not return until I’ve finished typing this.)…

Life is full of surprises, isn’t it?

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