In Muir …

“Your thumbs must be full of callouses,” Hubby tells son.

They’re sitting side by side on the couch in son’s room in the dorm. Son’s playing “Devil May Cry 3” with hubby offering encouragement. He also suggests helpfully to son that son, upon graduation, may want to move back home.

“I don’t want to live in the Bay Area,” son says phlegmatically. His fingers are moving like lightning over the controller.

“There is no shame in moving back in with your parents,” husband intones. “It is a practical move. To save money.”

Son is diplomatically silent.

This is the same dorm where he started his college life, two years ago. The campus is completely deserted. Tomorrow, when we drive back to the Bay Area, son will be entirely alone.

It’s creepy walking down the quiet hallways. Every student has gone home for the Thanksgiving break. Son has to make two rounds every day: one early in the morning, and one before 10 PM. He has to make sure no one is lurking in the building who shouldn’t be there.

I know that if I were alone in this building, alone on an empty campus, I would be thinking Grudge 2 and completely freak out. I would imagine a long-haired ghostly woman floating down the corridor toward me and would be so overwhelmed with fright that I would not be able to move and would be apparition’s first victim.

Oh, well. Do not, of course, mention any of this to son.

Re-stocked his fridge — which was completely empty — with food to sustain him for the next three weeks. Upon arrival, hubby and I were distressed to learn that son was living off two huge cartons of Kix cereal from the local Costco.

Went to Copeland’s Going Out of Business Sale in downtown Chorro St. (sale only 10%, some weird kind of “going-out-of-business” sale!) and bought him new Mizuno running shoes, track pants, and socks.

Had steak dinner at Tahoe Joe’s.

It was a gorgeous day. Sky blue, blue, not a single cloud. At one point, passed Emerson Park and everyone was looking up and gesticulating. What? At approaching clouds?

There was a huge flock of birds flying in arrow formation, swooping here and there just above us.

Suddenly, the streets that yesterday were completely empty (except for in front of the movie theatre) were now full of people. The bar hubby took me to while son was doing his time at the front desk of the dorm was completely full, at 2 PM. Bartender made me a nice coffee drink with Kahlua, Bailey’s, and a shot of chocolate liqeur. Yum, yum. Afterwards, stumbled getting off the bar stool. Sorry.

Not ready to go back yet. Why is it that the weather always seems so much nicer here?

Beaches we have stopped at: Pismo and Avila.

Restaurants: Pierside, Pismo Beach; Fat Cat’s, Avila Beach; Denny’s on Madonna Road; Corner View Bar, downtown SLO; Tahoe Joe’s, Madonna Road

Purchases: two bars of Magnolia-scented goat milk soap; soft knit baby hat and baby shoes for new niece Alyssa; New Balance running shoes for hubby; and everything else for A

Most excellent meal: Everything

Now son suggests we go out for some ice cream. Though hubby and I are full to bursting from dinner, we readily agree. Son suggests Bali’s, somewhere on Foothill Boulevard.

More later …

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