Weather: Warm. In fact, excellent.

Day: Sunny

Surf: Low

Town: Empty. In fact, deserted.

Thanksgiving Dinner: Tilapia in Lemon Sauce at Denny’s on Madonna Road

After-dinner Activity: “Casino Royale” at downtown movie theatre; hubby, son and I only non-whites in huge audience (creepy), but Daniel Craig excellent.

Son is on his rounds, checking the dorm, one of his activities as Resident Advisor. He’s in charge of Muir, the Freshman Math & Sciences Dorm, which is empty this weekend except for son and one other student, a boy named Will who did not hear hubby and I banging on front door because he was too busy playing “Halo.” Husband and I sat on the ground in front of dorm, exhausted after hectic Wednesday getting car/dogs/ house/ garden/ job/ classes squared away and then driving south early in the morning.

Most Interesting Sight: people lined up in front of the Best Buy on Madonna Road, getting ready for Black Friday

Also: Found out son can do dead-on impression of Borat.

More later …

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