Daily Horoscope

Today, I have a PLAN. Daily horoscope says: “Put some of your compassion to good use.”

Am half-asleep still, (only 6:37 AM!) but look forward to a day exercising my “compassion” (which, let me tell ya, sometimes feels in very short supply after a whole day spent with my little darlings in xxxxx community college).

Whatever. Promise to do my best to fulfill horoscope’s exhortation.

Now looking forward with some anticipation to the day (whereas a few moments ago all I wanted to do was crawl right back under the blankets and forget there was ever such a thing as English 1A). The day before me a blank text, on which I will choose to exercise ONLY certain responses, the “compassionate” ones. Hope this is good feng-shui or whatever, perhaps will be rewarded with happiness, fame, and/or money and Jimmy Choos–!!!

Looking over things I KNOW I have to do today:

(1) Drop off dogs at San Carlos Pet Hospital, where they will board while hubby and I drive down to San Luis Obispo.

Compassion rating (on a scale of 1 to 5): O, because little tykes will be stuck in metal cage over the long weekend and I know Gracie will be howling and trembling like crazy, seeing as she now has very BAD memories of the place from her mastectomy a month ago

(2) Pick up rental car from Thrifty counter at San Francisco airport

Compassion rating (on a scale of 1 to 5): Also O, because strictly business transaction

(3) Ask hubby if he wants me to pack him a lunch today

Compassion rating (on a scale of 1 to 5): Probably 2. Only takes me three minutes to prepare a sandwich.

Stay tuned!

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