Brain Cloud, 19 November: Niece, Honeybaked Ham, Best Travel Movies

Yesterday was pure joy. Why? Because:

(1) I did not grade a single paper (which is not to say that there weren\’t any papers TO grade — there were, at least three piles of them)

(2) I saw my niece at Stanford. Admittedly, the only reason she called was because she needed a ride to the airport, but. Still. We met in the morning (A dozen other Stanford students, similarly waiting for rides, were standing on the sidewalk in front of her dorm, all looking giddy and expectant. Ah, youth!) and had a scrumptious breakfast at the Laurel Street Cafe in San Carlos — she had the \”French\” crepe: ham, swiss cheese, and egg; and I had the \”New York\” crepe: smoked salmon, cream, capers, and lemon. Mine was divine. Niece\’s would have been divine if she, inveterate New Yorker that she is, hadn\’t fallen for the buckwheat version (\”I\’ve never had a buckwheat crepe before, Tita. They don\’t offer that option in New York!\”). To make up for disappointing taste of buckwheat, she ordered a \”Grand Ma\” crepe to take with her to the airport, but it looked so good sitting there in its styrofoam container that she finished the whole thing in three big gulps.

(3) Hubby and I indulged in our annual indulgence of buying a HUGE Honeybaked ham, 7 1/2 pounds, which is terribly indulgent since there are only two of us who will eat it, but– then again– who cares?

(4) We stopped by Blockbuster on the way home from purchasing said ham, and rented a movie, which is something we had not been able to do since late summer.

Which brings me to my next topic (Apologies for the many digressions, loyal blog reader. But your patience will be rewarded.)

Conde Nast Traveler had a poll: Which were the best travel movies of 2005- 2006?

I missed the deadline — September 25 — by almost two months. But here are the list of movies I would have nominated, if I\’d had the chance to fill in the ballot. Following the Conde Nast contest guidelines, I\’m going August to August. And, I only list the movies I have actually seen. In a theatre.

The Beautiful Country (Vietnam and Texas)
Brokeback Mountain (Wyoming, purportedly)
Casanova (Venice)
The Constant Gardener (Berlin; Kenya; London)
The Da Vinci Code (Paris; London; Scotland)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (England; Scotland)
Inside Man (New York City)
The Lake House (Chicago)
The Matador (Mexico City)
Pride & Prejudice (various estates in England)
Syriana (Dubai; Geneva; Washington, D.C.)
Thank You for Smoking (Washington, D.C.)
Transamerica (all over the U.S.A.)
Walk the Line (Arkansas; California; Memphis; Nashville)
Wedding Crashers (Maryland)

Of course, don\’t be a dummy, this is not a list of the best movies of 2005- 2006 — as you can tell by inclusion of execrable Da Vinci Code!!!

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  1. December 27, 2006 at 1:57 am

    […] Best Travel Movies of 2005-2006, Thank you, niece G for giving me the “hook” that allowed me to post the list. Urban Memories: New York City, Early Eighties, Thank you to the CITY, I’ve had a love affair with you ever since I first met you.. Still Thoughts, Thank you, Mum, for priceless parrot outfit and for insisting that I wear it the day I visited Manila National Book Fair. For All You Lovers of Harney & Sons Pomegranate Oolong Tea, Thank you, McSweeney’s, for rejecting my piece! 2006 Book Round-Up, Thank you to self for being such an indefatigable reader and for obssessively listing everything that I read. Filipino American Studies at Skyline College, Thank you Liza E for being such a GREAT teacher! Kapitan Tiago, Thank you, JR, for writing such a magnificent book! (Who really knew, all those decades ago, when you were stuck in exile in Dapitan, that you would become so hot in 2007???) Some Signs That the Christmas Season is Really Upon Us, Thank you, hubby, for performing manly annual ritual of putting up icicle lights! You cursed mightily but you did NOT fall down and neither did the lights! NYTBR, Dec. 3: The “Holiday Books” Issue, simply thank you to NYTBR for — well, for being YOU! Gifts of the Season: Two Poems, Thank you L and D for being such excellent, excellent writers!!! […]

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