GAME OF THRONES Quotes (You’re Welcome)

Self has undertaken to watch the whole of Game of Thrones Season 3 over again.  This, as dear blog readers well know, is an extremely rewarding activity, especially as she needs to be reminded how it all began:  the Brienne/ Jaime Lannister trek (Highlight of Season 3, in self’s HO), how Catelyn Stark became her son’s prisoner, how Daenarys acquired an army of 8,000 Unsullied, why Lord Tywin loves to cast aspersions on Tyrion, how Arya came to be traveling with Gendry and Hot Pie, and so forth.

Yesterday The Man came home and self inquired if he wanted to watch Episode 7, which he missed.  Sure! he said.  That, for dear blog readers who know nothing (like Jon Snow, channeling Ygritte), is called “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”  So we sat and watched it together, and self got to see Stumpy for the first time since the Maester Who Is No Maester, Qyburn (She quite loves that gruesome scar around his neck) poured boiling wine over it.  And Stumpy looks just like the Giant Worm in Tremors, which is a very very old horror movie.  And you know it’s old because it’s the last time Kevin Bacon was funny.  Truly.

Anyhoo, The Man remarked, nosy as ever:  Wow, you’ve been watching a LOT of Game of Thrones? (And who asked him to comment, pray tell?  Who asked him to go through all the “Saved Searches” on the Comcast On-Demand channel?)

Last weekend, self was so excited to discover that Sole Fruit of Her Loins had read all the books.

Anyhoo, the first Game of Thrones quote self will post today is actually NOT a quote from Game of Thrones, it’s a quote from Son.  Without further ado, GOT Quote # 1:

Put those claws back in those paws, You Damn Bear!

Self promised son she would put that on her blog.  And now that she’s done it, she has such a sense of accomplishment!

GOT Quote # 2:

Lady Olenna Tyrell (a fabulous Diana Rigg):  The cheese will be served when I WANT it to be served, and I want it served NOW!

GOT Quote # 3:

Margaery to Joffrey, in the most intimate tete-a-tete imaginable, in Joffrey’s bedchamber, holding his favorite weapon:  I imagine it must be so exciting to put your hand over here and watch something die over there.

And since The Man will be home imminently to share with self the latest tale of horrors from the office, Arrivederci.


  1. May 25, 2013 at 2:36 am

    This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

    by 迷你寫字樓

    • May 25, 2013 at 3:16 am

      I love blogging. I love that it lets me “play” — with pictures as well as words.

      Thank you for the compliment! Hope you like movies and Game of Thrones!

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